another short pee

2020-02-23Princess Nikki3:11 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
another short pee 1
another short pee 2

just pee in slaves mputh

what would you like?

2020-02-20Princess Nikki5:49 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
what would you like? 1
what would you like? 2

My slave is eating something and i am so polite to ask him what kind of beverage he would like...

Foot licker for Me and Pam 1
Foot licker for Me and Pam 2

My homes slave have to worship not only my feet today. Also my friend Pam have dirty feet...

rada facesittiing

2020-02-0515:41 minutesFace Sitting, Female Domination, Femdom
rada facesittiing 1
rada facesittiing 2

mature powerfull rada take place on slaves face

Me and Sativia face sitting 1
Me and Sativia face sitting 2

Fit girls like us like to sit on slaves face...

ballbusting a loser with sativa 1
ballbusting a loser with sativa 2

me and Sativa decide to kick the loser in his balls insteed of wrestling with him...

straponing a thin guy

2020-01-15Princess Nikki11:30 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Strap-on
straponing a thin guy 1
straponing a thin guy 2

this guy is so thin we could break him by fucking his ass....

Nikki and antscha face slapping 1
Nikki and antscha face slapping 2

who can slap harder Me or Antscha, look at Antschas biceps its a hard competition for me...

a glass of pee

2020-01-01Princess Nikki4:58 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Peeing
a glass of pee 1
a glass of pee 2

just a short clip Me peeing in a glas and ordering the slave to swollow my piss.

Pee via botelle

2019-12-27Princess Nikki3:24 minutesFemdom, Humiliation, Peeing
Pee via botelle 1
Pee via botelle 2

I am pissing inside a cuted botell so the slave can swollow a lot.