Anna cannot sht

2016-09-26Lady Anna, Princess Vivian, and Princess Nikki9:50 minutesFemale Domination
Anna cannot sht 1
Anna cannot sht 2

The title is the description enough...Anna try to sht in slaves mouth but she can not. her asshole works it opens and close, you can watch it and imagine lay under her like the lucky slave waiting for her brownies...well sh can pee a little :)


Look at for the first cam version.

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Nikki and her friend 02

2016-08-29Princess Nikki and Candy Sweet8:20 minutesPeeing
Nikki and her friend 02 1
Nikki and her friend 02 2

The Princesses are peeing in a glass bowl and the losers have to taste it, aren't they?

Nikki and her friend 01

2016-08-22Princess Nikki and Princess Mini3:36 minutesPeeing
Nikki and her friend 01 1
Nikki and her friend 01 2

Princesses are peeing in a glass for the losers.

Tags: peeing

Me and Mini 05

2016-08-15Minnie Manga, Princess Nikki, and Princess Mini10:34 minutesFemdom
Me and Mini 05 1
Me and Mini 05 2

It's time for a pee time ...

Amirah Andrah Piss 03

2016-07-18Amirah Andara and Princess Nikki8:36 minutesPeeing
Amirah Andrah Piss 03 1
Amirah Andrah Piss 03 2

One more time Nikki and Amirah Andrah pee in losers mouth before leaving home for partying.

Anna-Maria piss 04

2016-06-27Anna-Maria and Princess Nikki5:49 minutesPeeing
Anna-Maria piss 04 1
Anna-Maria piss 04 2

This time we use our slave there where he lives-in the toilet :)))

Anna-Maria piss 03

2016-05-16Anna-Maria and Princess Nikki6:16 minutesPeeing
Anna-Maria piss 03 1
Anna-Maria piss 03 2

Anna-Maria and Princess Nikki use the slave once again as a toilet. This time in the kitchen.

Femdom Party 17

2016-03-21Princess Nikki12:00 minutesFemdom
Femdom Party 17 1
Femdom Party 17 2

This is the last clip in this edition of my femdom parties and today 2 newbies visits me. One of the girls is a little shy but the other one acts like she would have find her sexual destination :)))

Anna-Maria piss 02

2016-02-23Princess Nikki and Anna-Maria6:50 minutesPeeing
Anna-Maria piss 02 1
Anna-Maria piss 02 2

Now its time to pee also for Anna-Maria. She pisses in slaves mouth via funel so he can get every drop. After her Nikki also needs to piss in slaves mouth once again.