Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05

2018-05-16Neomi and Princess Mini10:46 minutesWhipping
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05 1
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05 2

It is my birthday and I have some music playing, so I wanna dance. So my girls Minnie and Nomi joins me, before I call my slave over. He must start dancing as well, but for him it will be a painful dance. We start whipping and hitting him while he is dancing, it is after all my birthday. My wishes should come through.

So we hit him over and over, before we get him on the ground and start trampling him with our shoes and stilettos. Again he is complaining and screaming, so before we send the wimp home, we give him a real good beating from all 3 of us at the same time. Happy birthday to me!

Another painfull evening

2018-02-2813:04 minutesWhipping
Another painfull evening 1
Another painfull evening 2

It is time to make things a little more painful for the slave, so I start twisting his pathetic dick. Julia start trampling his pathetic body. And Darcia follows up after her. So I guess it is up to me to give him the painful trampling with my sharp heels. I put my heel on his toe full weight to some painful screams from him!

We give him a new beating on his hands, and I do not use the soft leather, I use the metal to hit to make it hurt as much as possible. We give him some more whipping, before I “finish” him with some nice kicks!

Trampling the loser second cam

2017-05-138:21 minutesTrampling
Trampling the loser second cam 1
Trampling the loser second cam 2
Trampling the loser second cam 3
Trampling the loser second cam 4

Lothar arrives to the shooting one day to early, so it is easy! If you cannot follow the time schedule then you suffer the consequences. I have just been kicking his sorry ass, and now I want him to feel some pressure on his pathetic body! I have him naked on the floor, and start walking on him in my new shoes. I keep putting pressure on his abs.. or should I say “missing abs” over and over.

I love torturing his pathetic useless dick, so I make sure to trample him over and over in the groins, and on his balls! My feet are royal! So you should feel privileged that I walk on your body!

Foot job and trampling vacation

2017-03-2610:18 minutesFootjob
Foot job and trampling vacation 1
Foot job and trampling vacation 2

My pathetic slave bought me a vacation, so I thought I’d be a little nice to him. I know he is so easily aroused by my sexy feet, so I tell him to get on his back. I start wanking his little pecker with my feet, and the reaction is as expected. He get’s a boner right away. So I have a little fun with him, and start a countdown from 10 to zero, and he fails to cum. So he is not allowed to cum for another 14 days!

I will punish him some more, so I have him lay down again, and I start trampling him from the feet to the chest, with no concern of his pain. I want to have my fun as well! I have him undress for me, and I start slapping him with my feet, before I once again decide to tease his dick with a foot job. I start a countdown, but I stop before zero, and this is a no cum order! He does not so he did well for once.

I think he have had enough pleasure for a day, and I start teasing him a little more before I just fart in in face!

Me and Mini 04

2016-07-25Princess Nikki and Princess Mini11:06 minutesFemdom
Me and Mini 04 1
Me and Mini 04 2

It's time for a walk over our slave losers. Mini in sexy high heals, me in bitchy boots :)

Tags: trampling

Femdom Party 16

2016-02-29Princess Nikki11:09 minutesFemdom
Femdom Party 16 1
Femdom Party 16 2

The boyfriends of the Princesses comes and a wild orgy starts. The girls are fucking and humiliating the slave at the same time. He loves when they spit in his face after blowing a dick :) and sure he loves to lick sperm from pussys and asses. Its so disgusting but this slave seams to love it :)))

Femdom Party 14

2016-01-04Princess Nikki12:15 minutesFemdom
Femdom Party 14 1
Femdom Party 14 2

Imagine you lay on the ground look up and see 5 sexy girls which treat you like a piece of sht. Exactly this happens in my femdom parties and today once again a lot of beauties are visiting me!

Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Clarissa 03

2015-10-19Clarissa and Princess Nikki12:28 minutesFemdom
Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Clarissa 03 1
Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Clarissa 03 2

The slave becomes mummificated, it's more comfortable for the Princesses to trample on him and whip him this way! At the end they tease him by preparing some special fluidss ... watch it and if you would like to be treated like this contact us:

Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 17 (cam 1) 1
Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 17 (cam 1) 2

The slave need to worship Princess Nikki and the ugly girl at the same time!

Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Mini 05

2015-10-19Minnie Manga and Princess Nikki14:31 minutesTrampling
Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Mini 05 1
Budapest 2014 - Nikki and Mini 05 2

This clip is about trampling. Nikki and Mini walk over the loser wearing hot sexy shoes. Also some ballbusting and whipping inside. Princess Mini is pretty new for femdom but she is a natural talent, she loves to treat man like a piece of sh,,t.