Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 2

Rachel is sitting comfortably in the couch with here feet stretched out. Morgan and me are her foot bitches, and we start eating, licking and sucking her feet, while she is commanding us.. The feet have a perfect scent and taste, and like Morgan I am loving every second of it!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 14 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 14 2

This clip is so hot, i did not know that i was such a dirty bitch. Lady Morgan Moon and Princess Rachel Evans cover my pretty face with yummy spit. It looks so disgusting but it makes me so horny, and when Princess Rachel put my pants down and starts to play with my pussy I can not hold anymore: its time for a real orgasm.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 12

2019-03-07Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans11:19 minutesFetish, Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 2

I have a passion for feet, and especially my girlfriends sexy feet. Rachel Evans and Morgan Moon are together with me, and we have a hot foot frenzy licking and sucking each others feet. It is such a horny feeling.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 10

2019-01-04Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans15:30 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 10 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 10 2

Rachel want to use me as her licking bitch, and I am not har to convince. She place her pussy and ass over my tongue, and I let it slide gently yet firm, exploring her caves. Not hard to guess, Rachel comes over and over with my licking, but she is a bit cruel to me. I hoped for a sweet revenge, but was left unsatisfied.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 07

2018-11-21Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans19:40 minutesLesbian
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Bonus Lesbian Clip 07 2

I am laying on the bed with my magic wand, and I undress and start using it in my clit as Rachel arrive. She takes control of the wand, and she gives me a powerful orgasm. I lay her down, and she gets the same treatment back from me.

After she orgasm I start rubbing her clit, at the same time as I finger fuck her and give her a g-spot massage. There is no escape, she get a really powerful orgasm. I start using the wand again, and I once more get a powerful orgasm, leaving the bed soaking wet from my juices.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 06

2018-11-07Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans20:01 minutesLesbian
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It is hot outside, and we are both super horny. So I fetch some bottles of oil, and I start pouring it over Rachel, while rubbing and caressing her body. Rachel pour the oil over me, and make sure I am all oiled up. Then we start rubbing our bodies, and pussies on the oil soaked bodies until we both scream in orgasms.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 04

2018-09-12Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans12:29 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 2
Rachel is standing by the door, looking so sexy as I approach her. I can’t control
myself, I need a taste of her. So I undress her clothes and start licking her belly
button and armpits. They taste perfectly scented in this heat down here. Rachel
gets carried away, and she start liking and biting my ears, and I can’t help giving
her a revenge. She spit on her body, and I lick it up, before I bite her lips before kissing her.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 03

2018-09-03Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans16:54 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 03 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 03 2
I am playing with my magic wand, and when i use a magic wand the orgasm
comes quick :) and if Rachel is spiting in my face at the same time i can not hold
myself and i am coming very intensive and wet. I have multiple orgasms, and the
chair is soaking wet from my pussy juices. Rachel use the magic wand as well,
she is so jealous of my many orgasms, so both of us have a amazing orgasm

Bonus Lesbian Clip 02

2018-08-29Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans15:50 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 02 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 02 2

Rachel and I have a urge to explore some new fetishes. So why not try biting each other? I start “chewing” Rachels body with delight and passion, and Rachel gets really turned on. I bite her arm, ass, feet, tits and more. Rachel is giving me a very horny revenge.


Bonus Lesbian Clip 01-Pussy and ass play with Rachel Evans 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 01-Pussy and ass play with Rachel Evans 2

Rachel and I are playing a game. We are both so incredible horny. I am using my magic stick massaging my clit while we are kissing passionately. Rachel start rubbing my clit and finger me until I explode in a powerful orgasm.

Rachel place her pussy on my face, and I immediate start licking her pussy. I continue licking her pussy and ass until she have a really powerful orgasm as well.