sexy body pissing

2020-05-01Princess Nikki5:29 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
sexy body pissing 1
sexy body pissing 2

i was shooting together with Christina today, do we not look sexy in this outfit...anyway i felt like i have to piss so i just used the loser down under me as a human toilet while Christina was watching.

find a piss slave

2020-04-24Princess Nikki7:07 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
find a piss slave 1
find a piss slave 2

i find a piss slave in my bath room, so what better to do then piss in his mouth.

share my piss

2020-04-10Princess Nikki5:41 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
share my piss 1
share my piss 2

two slaves and my piss

So much piss for a loser 1
So much piss for a loser 2

He is watching Nikki pissing in a bowl and getting horny then finally he is allowed to swollow all.

a glass of pee

2020-01-01Princess Nikki4:58 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Peeing
a glass of pee 1
a glass of pee 2

just a short clip Me peeing in a glas and ordering the slave to swollow my piss.

Pee via botelle

2019-12-27Princess Nikki3:24 minutesFemdom, Humiliation, Peeing
Pee via botelle 1
Pee via botelle 2

I am pissing inside a cuted botell so the slave can swollow a lot.

piss consumption

2019-12-06Princess Nikki6:40 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
piss consumption 1
piss consumption 2

is a obligance for my slaves...

Piss Breackfest

2019-12-01Princess Nikki5:20 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
Piss Breackfest 1
Piss Breackfest 2

i give my slave my piss for breackfest

piss from the bowl

2019-09-23Princess Nikki4:07 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
piss from the bowl 1
piss from the bowl 2

Two slaves wait like dgs in front of an empty bowl, nikki comes in and piss inside, now the idiots have to swollow all the yummy pee. nesty is watching an loughing.

Pissing Dancers cam 2

2019-08-20Princess Nikki7:50 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
Pissing Dancers cam 2 1
Pissing Dancers cam 2 2

Princess Sarah gives her dediut at our studio. Together with Princess Nikki she dance over the head of a laying slave. After this teasing the happy bastard is allowed to swollow the yummy piss of both Princesses.