Tina Kay foot worship

2017-11-15 11:26 minutes Foot Fetish
Tina Kay foot worship 1
Tina Kay foot worship 2

British porn star Tina Kay is visiting me to help me humilating my arab slave.

At first we let him worship the soles of our shoes and our feet.

Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam

2017-09-07 7:16 minutes Peeing
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 1
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 2
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 3
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 4

So you love watching me in my new shoes? I am looking very sexy don’t I? Well watch me as I walk towards you and you can see my pretty feet move closer to you. I know this makes you want me! Watch as I flip my feet out of the shoes. They are for sure warm and moist in these leather shoes.

Now you better open your eyes! I am going to pee in my shoes while my feet is still inside of them. I bet you could be the shoe right now loser? Being covered in both my delightful feet and my pee. I put my foot inside and the pee squirts out of it.. It looks hot right? So watch as I walk again, and pee even more in my other shoe. I feel so relieved when I pee just freely like this! I bet you are getting a boner by watching me do this!

Foot job paradise

2017-08-16 9:52 minutes Foot Fetish
Foot job paradise  1
Foot job paradise  2
Foot job paradise  3
Foot job paradise  4

My slave have been doing great lately, and I think he is allowed to cum today. But it is not going to be just cum! I have him on his knees, and I start touching his dick with my feet. He is so easily aroused by this. But at the same time I touch his balls, and make it very clear that this foot, can easily destroy his balls!

I start giving him a foot job, and he is truly enjoying my sexy feet on his pathetic dick. I keep going, and I even have him join in with his hand while I use my feet on him. So when I give him a countdown he is sure coming hard! The sperm is on my foot, and I think he should be grateful for my kindness! So he has to lick his own cum from my foot!

But he got pleasure from me, so I want some fun as well, so I give him a couple of kick in his balls as a reminder who is the boss!

Foot job and trampling vacation

2017-03-27 10:18 minutes Footjob
Foot job and trampling vacation 1
Foot job and trampling vacation 2

My pathetic slave bought me a vacation, so I thought I’d be a little nice to him. I know he is so easily aroused by my sexy feet, so I tell him to get on his back. I start wanking his little pecker with my feet, and the reaction is as expected. He get’s a boner right away. So I have a little fun with him, and start a countdown from 10 to zero, and he fails to cum. So he is not allowed to cum for another 14 days!

I will punish him some more, so I have him lay down again, and I start trampling him from the feet to the chest, with no concern of his pain. I want to have my fun as well! I have him undress for me, and I start slapping him with my feet, before I once again decide to tease his dick with a foot job. I start a countdown, but I stop before zero, and this is a no cum order! He does not so he did well for once.

I think he have had enough pleasure for a day, and I start teasing him a little more before I just fart in in face!

Kicking Lothar

2017-03-21 8:24 minutes Female Domination
Kicking Lothar 1
Kicking Lothar 2
Kicking Lothar 3
Kicking Lothar 4

Lothar arrives to the shooting one day to early, so it is easy! If you cannot follow the time schedule then you suffer the consequences. I am not too happy that he is still dressed and I ask him why it is like this? He is supposed to naked, vulnerable and humble in my presence!

But ok, for his mistakes he must pay the penalty. I start kicking his thighs over and over just to show him I can. I turn him around and start kicking his ass until he falls to the ground.

I tell him to hold his hands in the air and kick his hands, before I also kick his foot soles. I know this slave does not admit to be a slave but after kicking the living shot out of him he admitted to be a slave.

Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 15 (cam 3) 1
Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 15 (cam 3) 2

Still not enough of Princess Nikki and Princess Amira? Ok, the show continues: ass worship, armpits, shoe worship, foot worship and a lot of spitting!

Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 1
Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 2

I am so lazy today, not in the mood to any action like whipping or kicking my slave. just lay down and let one of them worshipping my feet! I help him a little by spitting in his face!

Femdom Party 2015 - part 09 1
Femdom Party 2015 - part 09 2

Princess Nikki, Princess Mini and Princess Smiley together are humiliating a slave, what a party! Spit at him slap him, let him lick dirty shoe soles and sure pissing in his mouth. Nikki and Mini piss a lot stright in his mouth, Smiley piss in a glas and lets him taste!


CONTENT; foot feet licking

Femdom Party 2015 - part 03

2015-10-19 Coco de Mal and Princess Nikki 15:30 minutes Peeing
Femdom Party 2015 - part 03 1
Femdom Party 2015 - part 03 2

Princess Nikki invited her Princesses friends again to help her humiliate a slave. Princess Crazy Coco came with a very shy girl from her school class. She teaches her how to treat piece of sht man. Princess Nikki and Princess Lia have a lot of fun with the situation. All princesses humiliate the slave beyond any limits. They spit at him, let him lick the shoes, slap his face, let him lick the assholes. Princess Crazy Coco even allows him some almost sexual contact by giving him a taste of a blowjob! Don't miss it it's hot and real, no script, just femdom party!

ass worship - pussy worship - shoe worship - foot worship - face slapping - spitting - human ashtray - teasing - humiliation - dirty talk - Princess Nikki - Princess Crazy Coco (new) - Princess Lia (new) - shy girl AND A LOT OF PISSING!!!!

Duesseldorf 2012 - Foot slave lessons 1
Duesseldorf 2012 - Foot slave lessons 2

My new slaves don't know yet where he belongs! To My Feet Slave! He need to use his slave tongue to clean all the street sh..t from my shoe soles, I wanted them clean idiot! Also my feet need some cleaning in your mouth, at least I use him as a dormant!