pedicure and foot masage HD 1
pedicure and foot masage HD 2

my slave take care for my feet. First i recive a pedicure then a foot masage.

care for foot and pussy backstage cam HD 1
care for foot and pussy backstage cam HD 2

wo slaves have to lick my feet today, i let them also lick my pussy a litlle...

foot and handjob HD

2020-05-22Princess Nikki17:19 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Foot Fetish
foot and handjob HD 1
foot and handjob HD 2

First the slave is worshiping our feet then we give him a foot job and a hand job.

foot job red pantyhose

2020-03-2013:26 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Footjob
foot job red pantyhose 1
foot job red pantyhose 2

i give a slave a foot job, sure he have to eat his own sperm.

throat standing and foot worship second cam 1
throat standing and foot worship second cam 2

I recived a custom clip of me standing on slaves throat and ordering him to worship my feet when i tease him. Here it is...

Foot licker for Me and Pam 1
Foot licker for Me and Pam 2

My homes slave have to worship not only my feet today. Also my friend Pam have dirty feet...

Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 2

Rachel is sitting comfortably in the couch with here feet stretched out. Morgan and me are her foot bitches, and we start eating, licking and sucking her feet, while she is commanding us.. The feet have a perfect scent and taste, and like Morgan I am loving every second of it!

Foot slave introduction 1
Foot slave introduction 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! After walking the streets all day, my feet ae rather sweaty, so my slaves task is simple. Start licking and sucking my feet, and get rid of the sweat and odor!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 12

2019-03-07Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans11:19 minutesFetish, Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 2

I have a passion for feet, and especially my girlfriends sexy feet. Rachel Evans and Morgan Moon are together with me, and we have a hot foot frenzy licking and sucking each others feet. It is such a horny feeling.

Foot slave training 1
Foot slave training 2

We have a new foot slave at our feet, and it is time for him to worship sexy nurses feet. He must learn to lick, suck, and even take the foot deep inside his mouth. Maybe one day we can use as a steady foot cleaner for all the nurses at the hospital? It is pretty sweaty walking around all day taking care of patients.