Facesitting cushion

2018-07-12 Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley 9:53 minutes Face Sitting
Facesitting cushion 1
Facesitting cushion 2

My slave is lying on the couch, and it is time for a lesson in breath control. So let us begin! I place my ass on his face, and keep him under my control, while I am talking with Smiley. Then it is her turn, and she grabs a magazine and start reading while sitting comfortably on his face. We talk and share impressions from the magazine, while the cushion is ignored. I once more take a “seat” before we end today’s lesson.

Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01

2018-04-19 Neomi and Princess Mini 14:17 minutes Whipping
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01 1
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01 2

Princess Nomi and Princess Minnie is joining me on my birthday to give my slave a welcome. This will be for sure an evening for him to remember. Nomi is not rather impressed that he comes to us dressed, and so his clothes have to go NOW! To welcome him we are equipped with a rod, and whip and what they use to make the horses run faster.

So we start hitting his ass with the rod, and he is making too much noise!  I was not too happy that we had to drive miles away because he make so much noise! But Minnie is not impressed with his complaining, so she use the rod to show him what real pain is!

We continue to hit him on his hands and on his feet, while he is whipped by Minnie and Nomi.

shoe fuck

2018-02-04 12:56 minutes
shoe fuck 1
shoe fuck 2

I have a slave visiting me, and I want to make his visit something he remember! So I allow him to start worship my boots, like a good slave should. I make him suck my heels as if he was sucking a dick. But my plans are so much more than this.

I attach a condom to my heel, and have him lay down on the couch. I make him start jerk his dick while I penetrate his ass with my boot heel. So now his jerking while I am fucking his ass with my heel. I tell him to cum, and when he does, I use the same shoe to hit his balls to ruin his orgasm. So now fir sure he will remember his visit with me!

outdoor humilation

2017-12-19 9:00 minutes Asses, Outdoors, Peeing
outdoor humilation 1
outdoor humilation 2

woking around in the city showing my ass peeing and tell you what you have to do.

Tina Kay ass worship full version 1
Tina Kay ass worship full version 2

British porn star Tina Kay is visiting me to help me humilating my arab slave.

We use our slave as a ass licker.

afina kisser and me ass licking

2017-11-02 12:28 minutes
afina kisser and me ass licking 1
afina kisser and me ass licking 2

now its time to lick our asses


2017-09-18 8:56 minutes
peeing-cum-countdown 1
peeing-cum-countdown 2

If you want to jerk and cumshot, this is the right clip for you. If you love close-ups while pissing, then you have found the right clip Nikki makes the worship very real. First she shows her horny ass and her little rosette. For she says that she wants to feel the tongue in her hole and let the viewer look at her pussy by moving her ass close to the camera. The same happens with her pussy, first she show you here pussy before you are ordered to lick her delicious pussy. But the hottest is yet to come: the viewer should come in 10 seconds .. Nikki pissing in 10 shocks to the floor, all clearly seen, especially her open pussy. And in time, the viewer jerk off and cumshot! A great clip with a super-horny Nikky and lots of piss and dirty talk!

Fucking the postman Second Cam

2017-07-18 16:34 minutes Ball busting
Fucking the postman Second Cam 1
Fucking the postman Second Cam 2
Fucking the postman Second Cam 3
Fucking the postman Second Cam 4

I am so sick and tired of the postman always trying to get a peak inside my apartment. Maybe he is hoping to see my naked? But I have a plan, so when he comes with my mail, I tell him that I have a secret plan with him! He probably think he has some pleasure waiting for him.

But I tell him to take his clothes of, and have him start sucking my strapon. Very soon he realizes that it is my cruel pleasure that is going to be satisfied, and not his! I have him up against the wall and start fucking his “letter box” with my strapon. I just love having the power over him like this!

I take him to the couch, and have him start riding the strapon. I tell him to start wanking his dick, and I expect him to cum on a countdown I have for him! He did actually good, so as a good Princess I let him suck the strapon that has just been up his ass!

Under my perfect ass Second Cam

2017-07-10 7:44 minutes Asses
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 1
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 2
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 3
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 4

Any slave should feel lucky being allowed to be under my perfect ass! I know all slaves are suckers for this, so you should consider it a lethal weapon! ;) So having my slave here, I know he can’t resist my ass either. So I start having him smell my ass. I know he is very familiar with my scent! So I have him lay down and start facesitting him full weight. Really pushing his nose in my ass, even with my lingerie on.

But this is not enough for my, so I take my underwear of, and have him in touch with the real thing! I make him put his tongue deep inside my ass, while his nose is prevented from breathing in my pussy! I want his tongue deep, deep inside my ass. He should really feel the taste of me!

He should only be so privileged today, being allowed to worship my perfect ass!

I just want to whip you! Second cam

2017-05-28 5:14 minutes Whipping
I just want to whip you! Second cam 1
I just want to whip you! Second cam 2
I just want to whip you! Second cam 3
I just want to whip you! Second cam 4

I am feeling a little bored, and my slave showed up one day to early so I think a punishment should be in order! This will give him something to think about when we have a time schedule. I tell him to give me his belt, and get on all fours. So I just start whipping his back as hard as I can.

When he falls down I get even more frustrated and let his feet taste the belt! I have him stand against the wall so that I can get a clear shot at his back and his ass, and really give him a taste what he can expect the next days! I am not satisfied until he crawling on the floor!