licking armpits

2020-03-25Princess Nikki5:50 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom
licking armpits 1
licking armpits 2

a short clip slave licking my armpits

You belong below me second cam 1
You belong below me second cam 2

I have a new slave here, and I think it is time to show him who is boss! So let’s get the party started! I start spitting and fac slapping the loser. Before I let his balls feel the power of my feet. I make him jerk himself, but he is not able to cum. I let him smell and lick my armpits, and the continue the evening with ballbusting, spitting and faceslapping. I also piss in his mouth :)

Clean my sweaty armpits!

2018-12-16Princess Nikki4:32 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom
Clean my sweaty armpits! 1
Clean my sweaty armpits! 2

It's been a long and hot day, and my pits is suffering and smell from all the activity today. I am really disgusted myself smelling like this.

But it can be taken care of, so I call my house slave over.

I tell him to smell both my pits, and decide who smells the most.

Surely he discover the more smelly one, so I tell him to get his tongue working. Clean all the sweat, and all the odor from my pits.

When he has had a last smell to make sure they are clean, I tell him to get lost!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 04

2018-09-12Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans12:29 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 2
Rachel is standing by the door, looking so sexy as I approach her. I can’t control
myself, I need a taste of her. So I undress her clothes and start licking her belly
button and armpits. They taste perfectly scented in this heat down here. Rachel
gets carried away, and she start liking and biting my ears, and I can’t help giving
her a revenge. She spit on her body, and I lick it up, before I bite her lips before kissing her.

Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward

2018-05-319:55 minutesFemale Domination
Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward 1
Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward 2

I have just been to the gym, and it was a really sweaty workout! My slave is as always doing housework as a slave should, and when I get home, I start teasing him with my sweaty armpits.

As a good slave he should love and know every scent of his Goddess!

So I have him sniff my pits, and tell me which smells "best".

Once we have this figured out, I take my top of and rub his nose in my armpits.

But I won't just let him lick my precious sweat without some suffering.

I have him start jerking his dick (which by the way was already hard from my smells).

Then on a short countdown have him cum on my stinky smelly armpit.

I then order him to lick all his cum, mixed with my perfect scent and sweat!

(Note: It is all real. Sweaty armpits straight after the gym without any deo before the gym)

I am at thy gym

2018-05-2412:15 minutesFemdom
I am at thy gym 1
I am at thy gym 2

I am at the gym, and I am getting really sweaty. I will make sure that when I get back home, my slave will have a lot of clean up to do. So then why bother bringing a gym towel?

At home I call my slave to me, and explain that I have just been to the gym, and went home without showering. So I order him to remove my shoes, and smell my stinky socks. I make him remove my socks, and start licking and smelling my stinky feet. He must clean them well, including between my toes.

But I have a even better treat for him! I take of my shirt, and my armpits should be really, really smelly. I used no deodorant today, and I make him smell my armpits to familiarize my stinky armpits.

I tell him to put his pathetic tongue out, and start licking and cleaning every piece of sweat from my sweaty armpits. No smell can be left behind! But he is a horny pervert! He gets a boner from licking my armpits! But when he is done cleaning, and made sure no smell is there, I just tell him to get lost!

(Real after gym worship, no shower)

Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 1
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 2

After licking our sweaty stinking armpits, we need our feet cleaned for the same purpose. Plus the loser did not even bother to clean his apartment before we came! So our beautiful feet are dirty! There is only one thing to do, get that tongue out, and start licking our feet until we are satisfied!

Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean

2018-03-155:07 minutesFemdom
Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 1
Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 2

Shona River is visiting me, and so is a loser slave who wants to wrestle us. After losing, and to avoid punishment he tries inviting us out for a date. HA! NO WAY!

It is time for the losers punishment! He is begging not to lick or smell our armpits, so the punishment he just arranged for himself. I smell my armpits, and it is a “treat” that is awaiting him. Shona push his head in my armpit to smell it before his tongue is put to work.

The Shona show her armpit, and he have to clean hers as well. The last armpit from both of us, he must clean synchronized licking style with both our pits. This should teach him a lesson having a bad mouth and bragging from now on!

Niki and Tina Armpits

2017-11-276:32 minutesFemdom
Niki and Tina Armpits 1
Niki and Tina Armpits 2

British porn star Tina Kay is visiting me to help me humilating my arab slave.

Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 15 (cam 3) 1
Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 15 (cam 3) 2

Still not enough of Princess Nikki and Princess Amira? Ok, the show continues: ass worship, armpits, shoe worship, foot worship and a lot of spitting!