pee after dinner

2019-03-03 Princess Nikki 3:04 minutes Female Domination, Femdom, Peeing
pee after dinner 1
pee after dinner 2

My slave has just taken me out for a dinner, and I had a big steak. So when we get back to the apartment, I think it is only fair that I feed him as well. First I let a fart in his face, before I place myself on a chair, and the pee on him. I always have a lot to offer, so he receives a goodnight shower from me.

I want to fart in your face! second cam

2017-05-01 4:28 minutes Face Sitting
I want to fart in your face! second cam 1
I want to fart in your face! second cam 2
I want to fart in your face! second cam 3
I want to fart in your face! second cam 4

I know all my slaves loves every scent  that comes from a beautiful Princess like me. So my slave should be privileged that I chose him for this honorable task! I just want a loser behind me when I fart in his pathetic face. He should only breath when my ass is “talking” to him.

I make him stand there for a long time while I keep farting over and over in his nose. He should be so lucky being allowed to come this close to my perfect ass. I even think I can make him so addicted that I can fart on a bottle and sell it to him! ;)

Foot job and trampling vacation

2017-03-27 10:18 minutes Footjob
Foot job and trampling vacation 1
Foot job and trampling vacation 2

My pathetic slave bought me a vacation, so I thought I’d be a little nice to him. I know he is so easily aroused by my sexy feet, so I tell him to get on his back. I start wanking his little pecker with my feet, and the reaction is as expected. He get’s a boner right away. So I have a little fun with him, and start a countdown from 10 to zero, and he fails to cum. So he is not allowed to cum for another 14 days!

I will punish him some more, so I have him lay down again, and I start trampling him from the feet to the chest, with no concern of his pain. I want to have my fun as well! I have him undress for me, and I start slapping him with my feet, before I once again decide to tease his dick with a foot job. I start a countdown, but I stop before zero, and this is a no cum order! He does not so he did well for once.

I think he have had enough pleasure for a day, and I start teasing him a little more before I just fart in in face!

Nikki and Neomi fart

2017-01-23 Neomi and Princess Nikki 14:55 minutes Female Domination
Nikki and Neomi fart 1
Nikki and Neomi fart 2

Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi fart in face of a loser!


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