Cuckold Training

2018-11-12 Princess Nikki 8:05 minutes Cuckold
Cuckold Training 1
Cuckold Training 2

From time to time i have to train my cuckold slave. So today i order a real man jark his sperm out on my tits and let the loser lick it clean :)

For dave the cuckold

2017-02-20 13:04 minutes Cuckold
For dave the cuckold 1
For dave the cuckold 2

wish clip for dave, he want to lick choclet from my ass and sperma from my pussy.

Femdom Party 13

2015-12-09 Princess Nikki 11:10 minutes Peeing
Femdom Party 13 1
Femdom Party 13 2

The cuckold piss slave not only gets a lot of piss in this video, now he also licks other man sperm from the pussy of a lady!

Berlin 2012 - Cuckold before and after date 1
Berlin 2012 - Cuckold before and after date 2

It is an obligation of my slave to lick my asshole clean before my date, the same after the date and if he is a lucky bustard there is still some sperm inside my ass :)

Be my cuckold 02

2015-06-05 Princess Nikki 6:10 minutes Femdom
Be my cuckold 02 1
Be my cuckold 02 2
Be my cuckold 02 3
Be my cuckold 02 4

I am back home after horny anal fucking, still have sperm in my ashole mixed with some brown juice ... yeeees it's your turn to lick it clean swiss bitch, and as a dessert I spit all the toothpaste in your mouth. Good Night Loosers!

Be my cuckold 01

2015-06-02 Princess Nikki 8:01 minutes Femdom
Be my cuckold 01 1
Be my cuckold 01 2
Be my cuckold 01 3
Be my cuckold 01 4

I prepare for a hot date with my new boyfriend, I hope he will fuck my ass tonight. My house slave swiss bitch has to lick my ass clean before the date. I am sure everyone of you perverts would love to be in his place?