My golden shower 03

2015-07-11 Princess Nikki 9:04 minutes Femdom
My golden shower 03 1
My golden shower 03 2
My golden shower 03 3
My golden shower 03 4

My slave sits beside me on the stairs swallowing something yellow, that looks like ...  ? Meantimes I down the stairs. My slave has to clean all the stuff and also my feet!

Tags: peeing

Face slapping until the limit

2015-07-08 Princess Nikki 7:25 minutes Femdom
Face slapping until the limit 1
Face slapping until the limit 2
Face slapping until the limit 3
Face slapping until the limit 4

Swiss bitch is a pussy! I slap his face harder and harder till he has enough. I love face slapping I think I need more resistent slaves. Go to my site and sign up for a face slapping session!

My ass licker 02

2015-07-05 Princess Nikki 6:41 minutes Femdom
My ass licker 02 1
My ass licker 02 2
My ass licker 02 3
My ass licker 02 4

I do not need any toilet paper, I have my slave to clean my asshole anytime. First I have to sh... then I need you pig!

Dildo between my feet 01

2015-07-02 Princess Nikki 7:35 minutes Femdom
Dildo between my feet 01 1
Dildo between my feet 01 2
Dildo between my feet 01 3
Dildo between my feet 01 4

Would you like me to jark your cock with my feet, I tell you how it would be!

Tags: pov

Spit mirror 01

2015-06-29 Princess Nikki 7:49 minutes Femdom
Spit mirror 01 1
Spit mirror 01 2
Spit mirror 01 3
Spit mirror 01 4

This time I take the cam in my own princess hands. I am filming myself spitting on the mirror and the slaves are licking all my spit.

Tags: spitting

My duck is more than you

2015-06-26 Princess Nikki 5:07 minutes Femdom
My duck is more than you 1
My duck is more than you 2
My duck is more than you 3
My duck is more than you 4

All of you boys would love to be in my panties, to have contact with my pussy, no sorry this pussy is not for loosers like you, you will never touch it. I have a litlle duck, which is much better than you. My duck gives me pleasure inside my panties.

Tags: pov

Small penis slave 01

2015-06-23 Princess Nikki 8:10 minutes Femdom
Small penis slave 01 1
Small penis slave 01 2
Small penis slave 01 3
Small penis slave 01 4

My slave shows me his dick. Oh god is it small, is your dick also so small? I can just laugh about it. Impossible such a nothing ! I kick his balls and spit at his mini dick that's all he deserves!

High heels lickers 01

2015-06-20 Princess Nikki 11:22 minutes Femdom
High heels lickers 01 1
High heels lickers 01 2
High heels lickers 01 3
High heels lickers 01 4

I have a new slave and he has to lick my high heels clean first. My house slave swiss bitch assist him. You boys are so sick you pay to lick dirt from my shoes!

My perfect ass 02

2015-06-17 Princess Nikki 5:49 minutes Femdom
My perfect ass 02 1
My perfect ass 02 2
My perfect ass 02 3
My perfect ass 02 4

My ass is so perfect, normally you should pay hundrets of dollars to watch it, but today is your lucky day, I give you just this one clip for cheep, so you can see what you miss if you stay so avaricious bitch!

Tags: pov

Working slaves

2015-06-14 Princess Nikki 14:09 minutes Femdom
Working slaves 1
Working slaves 2
Working slaves 3
Working slaves 4

You know I am the most beautiful girl of the world, I do not need to work in the kitchen, I have my slaves and they love to serve me. If they don't work in the way I like I slap them in the face, because man are for me just garbage.