smell the wrestling girl ass HD 1
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Me and Antscha we are strong wrestlers, we can make you smell our asses and we can sit on your face.

Wrestling loser, lose again

2018-04-125:16 minutesWrestling
Wrestling loser, lose again 1
Wrestling loser, lose again 2

When are this loser gonna learn? He lost to us in wrestling, and we had an agreement that we could do whatever we wanted with the loser. But does a fool ever learn? No!

He wants to arm wrestle Shona and me, to regain his loser glory, HA! Well arm wrestling he will be, but I think we all know how this will end. As I predicted Shona beats him down with both arms. As for me, well, I think we all know the result here already.. The loser lose again! Game, set, MATCH!

Wrestling a loser

2018-03-0817:05 minutesWrestling
Wrestling a loser 1
Wrestling a loser 2

Shona River is visiting me, and so is a loser slave who wants to wrestle us. Well what can I say, it is a free world, and sure he can wrestle us! But he must also be prepared for the losers punishment! There is no way he will win!

He start wrestling, and I have him locked in several positions, using my bodily strength! Shona is doing the same as me, and he is rather beaten. But there is no way we stop. He asked for this, and he will not be done before we say so. I even do a lift and carry with this loser, and throw him behind me.

As I said, he will not win, and this is how it goes wrestling with us! Now prepare for the punishment(s) we have in mind for him!