foot and handjob HD

2020-05-22Princess Nikki17:19 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Foot Fetish
foot and handjob HD 1
foot and handjob HD 2

First the slave is worshiping our feet then we give him a foot job and a hand job.

Foot licker for Me and Pam 1
Foot licker for Me and Pam 2

My homes slave have to worship not only my feet today. Also my friend Pam have dirty feet...

Foot slave introduction 1
Foot slave introduction 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! After walking the streets all day, my feet ae rather sweaty, so my slaves task is simple. Start licking and sucking my feet, and get rid of the sweat and odor!

Lick our sweaty feet 1
Lick our sweaty feet 2

After having fun with the slave all day, Smiley and I have pretty sweaty and smelly feet. So it is time he taste and clean our sweat. Beautiful Princesses like us should not have smelly feet. Smiley start shoving her feet in his mouth, and feet fuck him. I continue in the same good spirit, and have him clean our soles as well.

Foot slave training 1
Foot slave training 2

We have a new foot slave at our feet, and it is time for him to worship sexy nurses feet. He must learn to lick, suck, and even take the foot deep inside his mouth. Maybe one day we can use as a steady foot cleaner for all the nurses at the hospital? It is pretty sweaty walking around all day taking care of patients.

Foot fetish with Smiley

2018-07-1915:56 minutesFoot Fetish
Foot fetish with Smiley 1
Foot fetish with Smiley 2

Princess Smiley is paying me a visit, and she seem a bit surprised finding a slave on his knees in my kitchen. I tell her that we can have him doing some duties for us, and since she just came from outside, her stilettos need a cleaning.

When he is done cleaning and sucking our stilettos, it is time to clean our sweaty feet with his tongue. It is pretty hot now, so he need to do a real good cleaning! Princesses like us do not like that our feet smell bad!

Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 1
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 2

After licking our sweaty stinking armpits, we need our feet cleaned for the same purpose. Plus the loser did not even bother to clean his apartment before we came! So our beautiful feet are dirty! There is only one thing to do, get that tongue out, and start licking our feet until we are satisfied!

Tina Kay foot worship

2017-11-1511:26 minutesFoot Fetish
Tina Kay foot worship 1
Tina Kay foot worship 2

British porn star Tina Kay is visiting me to help me humilating my arab slave.

At first we let him worship the soles of our shoes and our feet.

Foot job paradise

2017-08-169:52 minutesFoot Fetish
Foot job paradise  1
Foot job paradise  2
Foot job paradise  3
Foot job paradise  4

My slave have been doing great lately, and I think he is allowed to cum today. But it is not going to be just cum! I have him on his knees, and I start touching his dick with my feet. He is so easily aroused by this. But at the same time I touch his balls, and make it very clear that this foot, can easily destroy his balls!

I start giving him a foot job, and he is truly enjoying my sexy feet on his pathetic dick. I keep going, and I even have him join in with his hand while I use my feet on him. So when I give him a countdown he is sure coming hard! The sperm is on my foot, and I think he should be grateful for my kindness! So he has to lick his own cum from my foot!

But he got pleasure from me, so I want some fun as well, so I give him a couple of kick in his balls as a reminder who is the boss!

Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 1
Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 2

I am so lazy today, not in the mood to any action like whipping or kicking my slave. just lay down and let one of them worshipping my feet! I help him a little by spitting in his face!