Ass and piss

2021-04-01Princess Nikki3:52 minutesAsses, Femdom, Peeing
Ass and piss 1
Ass and piss 2

first i let him lick my ass then i piss in his mouth...swollow loser!

second cam of milk from my ass 1
second cam of milk from my ass 2

So happy swiss bitch today is allowed to swollow milk directly from my ass and lick it clean

licking in the tube

2021-01-20Princess Nikki3:40 minutesAsses, Female Domination, Femdom
licking in the tube 1
licking in the tube 2

after using him as a toilet the slave have to clean my ass.

smell the wrestling girl ass HD 1
smell the wrestling girl ass HD 2

Me and Antscha we are strong wrestlers, we can make you smell our asses and we can sit on your face.

Binge my royal ass HD

2020-09-07Princess Nikki4:32 minutesAsses, Femdom, Humiliation
Binge my royal ass HD 1
Binge my royal ass HD 2

You litlle wenkers jarking losers will pay for my ass today. I give you a horny tease with my royal ass and order you to buy more ass fetish clips in my storre.

Ass cleaning before a date 1
Ass cleaning before a date 2

I have a hot date today, and I want to put on my makeup. While I am doing this it is smart to get my ass cleaned. For sure my date will fuck me in the ass, and I need it to be clean. So I call my stupid slave over to start licking and cleaning my ass. I make sure his tongue goes deep inside, to get rid of the eventually snack that is left up there.

Nikki and Sara facesitting and handjob 1
Nikki and Sara facesitting and handjob 2

me and sara first sit on his face in our sexy jeans, we let him lick our dirty asses and at the end we give him a horny hand job.

Game of smells

2018-08-16Neomi and Princess Nikki17:36 minutesAsses, Female Domination
Game of smells  1
Game of smells  2

I have a new slave, and 5 Princesses ready to give him a unforgettable evening. After being introduced to all the girls by smelling their pussies, it is time for a game! Any good slave should know the distinctive smell of a Princess, so let the games begin.

He is introduced to ass after ass and must smell them all, but he seem to have a lousy memory! He is struggling to pick the right Princess with the smells. Nomi has a cute attitude, so sits down on his face with the words: “I did not wash my ass today, especially for you!” So we just let him smell, and spit on the loser.

Lick our dirty asses

2018-08-0210:37 minutesAsses
Lick our dirty asses 1
Lick our dirty asses 2

I come home to Loren, and her lazy boyfriend is just laying on the couch! It is time to teach him a lesson. So I tell him he should worship his wife’s ass. Loren takes of her panties, and present her rose to her boyfriend. I bet it did not smell nice, we did not shower today. But that is no excuse, his tongue have to clean that ass no matter what!

After cleaning Loren’s ass, he must lick our sweaty feet clean, before I want my rose cleaned as well. When we are satisfied, we just leave him there. It might be some more tasks for him later!

Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes

2018-03-299:02 minutesAsses
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes 1
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes 2

After losing a wrestling match against me and Shona River, it is time for his punishments! I just went to the toilet, and the loser don’t even have toilet paper! WTF! Ok, no problem, nothing that a loser can’t fix.

We both start facesitting him to smell our sweat and other odors from the back door. Before the bikini bottom is pushed aside, and he has to lick both our asses spotlessly clean from whatever filth is left there. But maybe this is more like a prize for him than a punishment?