Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 1
Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 2

Shona River is visiting me, and so is a loser slave who wants to wrestle us. After losing, and to avoid punishment he tries inviting us out for a date. HA! NO WAY!

It is time for the losers punishment! He is begging not to lick or smell our armpits, so the punishment he just arranged for himself. I smell my armpits, and it is a “treat” that is awaiting him. Shona push his head in my armpit to smell it before his tongue is put to work.

The Shona show her armpit, and he have to clean hers as well. The last armpit from both of us, he must clean synchronized licking style with both our pits. This should teach him a lesson having a bad mouth and bragging from now on!