Domination in the tube cam 1 Part 1 1
Domination in the tube cam 1 Part 1 2

relaxing in the tube i dominate a slave my spitting in his face, slaping his face hard and busting his balls.

Boot job

2019-05-21Princess Nikki7:04 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Shoes
Boot job 1
Boot job 2

I am calling my slave over, and have him lick my boots. I have him undress, and get me some lubricate. I start jerking his dick with my leather boots, and it does not take a long time until he must “deliver”. When he is done I have him clean my boots, so there is no cum left.

Giant dildo up his ass second cam 1
Giant dildo up his ass second cam 2

My house slave is doing a lousy job in the kitchen, so I think a punishment is in order! I bring a good sized dildo and start fucking him in the ass by the kitchen sink, but he seems to enjoy it too much. So I bring him to the floor, and get a really HUGE dildo! I start fucking his sorry ass with this, until I am tired of the game. I have him clean the dildo with his tongue when I am done!

Human toilet

2019-05-07Princess Mini and Princess Nikki6:49 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
Human toilet 1
Human toilet 2

I need to pee urgently, and we are in the middle of shooting. So I just call a slave over and have him lay down and be my toilet. He is doing well, because I can pee non stop. When I am done, a lot of pee is on the floor, so I have him start zipping the rest. To make it more delicious, I spit in the pee.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 15 2

Rachel is sitting comfortably in the couch with here feet stretched out. Morgan and me are her foot bitches, and we start eating, licking and sucking her feet, while she is commanding us.. The feet have a perfect scent and taste, and like Morgan I am loving every second of it!

Two piss slaves

2019-04-27Princess Mini and Princess Nikki5:53 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
Two piss slaves 1
Two piss slaves 2

I have two piss slaves craving my golden shower. SO I have them lay down and I piss in their mouth, on by one. When I am done I notice they have missed a lot, so I have them zip the leftovers from the floor. Minnie is taking selfies with me “taking care” of my slaves. I also notice my bald slave have some pee on his head, so I order the other slave to lick his bald head clean.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 14 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 14 2

This clip is so hot, i did not know that i was such a dirty bitch. Lady Morgan Moon and Princess Rachel Evans cover my pretty face with yummy spit. It looks so disgusting but it makes me so horny, and when Princess Rachel put my pants down and starts to play with my pussy I can not hold anymore: its time for a real orgasm.

Spit slave

2019-04-20Princess Nikki8:08 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Spit slave 1
Spit slave 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! One of my favorite activities is spitting! Receiving my saliva should be considered a honor! So I start by spitting in his useless dirty mouth, and have him swallow the precious spit.

I start spitting in the palm of his hand, and have him lick and zip the precious saliva. I place him in a convenient position and let the spit drop straight in his dirty mouth

Faceslapping end with muscle worship 1
Faceslapping end with muscle worship 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! I have the loser pinned down on the floor, and start giving him faceslaps – HARD! But he is twisting his head, and I explain it can be dangerous.

When his head has the perfect red color, I have him kiss and worship my muscles!

Foot slave introduction 1
Foot slave introduction 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! After walking the streets all day, my feet ae rather sweaty, so my slaves task is simple. Start licking and sucking my feet, and get rid of the sweat and odor!