lick our piss!

2017-06-11 4:31 minutes Peeing
lick our piss! 1
lick our piss! 2
lick our piss! 3
lick our piss! 4

I cannot believe what my slave said! He asked me if he could get a glass of water? What the hell! Off course you can’t! So I agree with Mini that we will take care of his dehydration. He should not worry about that! We are two beautiful Princesses, and what we always have a lot of, is pee! So it is very easy to be a slave of us.

We tell him to lie down, and we give him several mouthfuls of our precious pee, so he should not be thirsty again before the next time we need to do our little thing!

hurting hands

2017-06-05 Princess Mini 14:50 minutes Female Domination
hurting hands 1
hurting hands 2
hurting hands 3
hurting hands 4

You know I love so much to inflict pain to my slave. Mini is never hard to ask to join me in these quests. Mini loves maybe even more than me to inflict pain. So what are we to do with this slave today? Well I find some wooden spoons, and I think it is time to make his knuckles hurt.. BADLY!

I knock hard on his knuckles, and neither Mini or me care if it hurts. Just get your hands out again. We don’t care about you! This is our fun time!

To make it more painful for him, I trample his hands with my spiked heels as well. So tonight I for sure know your hands will not touch anything!

I just want to whip you! Second cam

2017-05-28 5:14 minutes Whipping
I just want to whip you! Second cam 1
I just want to whip you! Second cam 2
I just want to whip you! Second cam 3
I just want to whip you! Second cam 4

I am feeling a little bored, and my slave showed up one day to early so I think a punishment should be in order! This will give him something to think about when we have a time schedule. I tell him to give me his belt, and get on all fours. So I just start whipping his back as hard as I can.

When he falls down I get even more frustrated and let his feet taste the belt! I have him stand against the wall so that I can get a clear shot at his back and his ass, and really give him a taste what he can expect the next days! I am not satisfied until he crawling on the floor!

Ballbusting the loser

2017-05-21 Minnie Manga 6:25 minutes Ball busting
Ballbusting the loser 1
Ballbusting the loser 2
Ballbusting the loser 3
Ballbusting the loser 4

After having whipped the slave to the ground, Princess Mini and I still wants to punish the slave even more. It is time for ballbusting! I love bust his balls, and takes charge and kick his balls really hard with her stilettos. Princess Mini does not say no to an invitation to damage his family jewels as well. There is no mercy from these us, we are not satisfied until he is begging us hard to stop! Pain is just the beginning. Get back on your knees again slave! And spread your legs wide!

I know his balls are useless anyway so nothing will actually be broken!

Trampling the loser second cam

2017-05-14 8:21 minutes Trampling
Trampling the loser second cam 1
Trampling the loser second cam 2
Trampling the loser second cam 3
Trampling the loser second cam 4

Lothar arrives to the shooting one day to early, so it is easy! If you cannot follow the time schedule then you suffer the consequences. I have just been kicking his sorry ass, and now I want him to feel some pressure on his pathetic body! I have him naked on the floor, and start walking on him in my new shoes. I keep putting pressure on his abs.. or should I say “missing abs” over and over.

I love torturing his pathetic useless dick, so I make sure to trample him over and over in the groins, and on his balls! My feet are royal! So you should feel privileged that I walk on your body!

Whipping fun

2017-05-07 Minnie Manga 11:50 minutes Whipping
Whipping fun 1
Whipping fun 2
Whipping fun 3
Whipping fun 4

Needless to say, but Princess Mini is a really had whipper. We have the slave on all fours, and Mini is equipped with a bull whip while I am using a belt. We both takes turns in whipping the slave. I promise him to start “soft”.  But the slave falls to the floor anyways, and neither Mini or me are happy with this. So soft is put away, now it is full strength in every whip stroke.

 We just  keep going over and over, and the slave falls to the floor several times, which off course do not make us any more  happy. So we start whipping him also laying on the floor. Princess Mini show me how to achieve even more pain in every whip with the belt, which is actually very visible and audible. ;). We trade equipment and Keep going, until in the end it is just Mini who is whipping the slave. This should be a lesson not to piss of two beautiful Princesses like us, with a whip in our hands.


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I want to fart in your face! second cam

2017-05-01 4:28 minutes Face Sitting
I want to fart in your face! second cam 1
I want to fart in your face! second cam 2
I want to fart in your face! second cam 3
I want to fart in your face! second cam 4

I know all my slaves loves every scent  that comes from a beautiful Princess like me. So my slave should be privileged that I chose him for this honorable task! I just want a loser behind me when I fart in his pathetic face. He should only breath when my ass is “talking” to him.

I make him stand there for a long time while I keep farting over and over in his nose. He should be so lucky being allowed to come this close to my perfect ass. I even think I can make him so addicted that I can fart on a bottle and sell it to him! ;)

Nikki and her pee slave

2017-04-27 10:21 minutes Peeing
Nikki and her pee slave 1
Nikki and her pee slave 2
Nikki and her pee slave 3
Nikki and her pee slave 4

Princess Nikki was visited by a pee slave. She filmed it from a stativ cam herself so there is not aklways the best video angle but its very realistic.

Pee on car 03

2017-04-20 11:33 minutes Peeing
Pee on car 03 1
Pee on car 03 2
Pee on car 03 3
Pee on car 03 4

I am so in love with my car! It is my one and only. I will caress my car and I kiss you over and over on the window. I squeeze my tits on the window, and notice how hard my nipples get. I am so in love with my car. I caress you, kiss you rub my ass on you.. Yes you are my big love! BUT! If you ever fail me, betray me or you do not work for me no more, I will break you! I will humiliate you beyond your imagination! I will spit on you with green saliva. I will make you suffer and feel worthless! I will sit on you and just piss all over you! But you are allowed to imagine this is my pussy juices. This is how close you come to pussy juice if you fail me! Imagine you are my car, and dream away!

Pee on car 02

2017-04-14 12:07 minutes Peeing
Pee on car 02 1
Pee on car 02 2
Pee on car 02 3
Pee on car 02 4

So you pathetic loser like to watch girls naked? Well I have a surprise for losers like you. Sitting in your car and spying on sexy Princesses like me! Watch as I rub my ass on your window, you can see it but you can’t touch it! I spit on you loser! You are just worth spitting on! Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you little loser are worth! I will just piss on your window so you can see my pussy and dream I was pissing on you! Because a loser like you will never touch a Princess like me!