Our Spittoon

2019-02-17Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley14:49 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Our Spittoon 1
Our Spittoon 2

Smiley and I have a new plan for our slave. He need to appreciate our sweet saliva. So we have him stand on his knees before us, and we continue just spitting in his pathetic face. We lay his head back on a bench, and just let our saliva fall into his dirty mouth.

Lick our sweaty feet 1
Lick our sweaty feet 2

After having fun with the slave all day, Smiley and I have pretty sweaty and smelly feet. So it is time he taste and clean our sweat. Beautiful Princesses like us should not have smelly feet. Smiley start shoving her feet in his mouth, and feet fuck him. I continue in the same good spirit, and have him clean our soles as well.

All about our asses 1
All about our asses 2

A slave is visiting me, and I have invited Smiley to have some fun with him. He is so easily aroused by our sexy asses, so why not make the most of it? I start facesitting him, and Smiley goes next. He tries to bite Smiley’s ass, so we need to correct his behavior. We continue taking turns facesitting him forward and reverse, until we just have him stick his nose in our asses in the end.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 11

2019-01-2815:37 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 11 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 11 2

description will follow

Clean our dirty boots 1
Clean our dirty boots 2

It is time for some cleaning routines for the slave. Smiley have him start cleaning her boots, and the keyword is spotlessly clean! I present to him my boots as well, and he must suck my heal clean.Smiley had stepped in something  on the way here, and I want him to suck my heal as if it was a dick!

Foot slave training 1
Foot slave training 2

We have a new foot slave at our feet, and it is time for him to worship sexy nurses feet. He must learn to lick, suck, and even take the foot deep inside his mouth. Maybe one day we can use as a steady foot cleaner for all the nurses at the hospital? It is pretty sweaty walking around all day taking care of patients.

Burping and spitting with Christina 1
Burping and spitting with Christina 2

We have just had some hot lesbian sex, and now it is time to humiliate the lousy slave. We have him kneeling in front of us, and we start burping in his disgusting face. We spit in his face, and make him catch our spit with his mouth.

Burping with Mini again 1
Burping with Mini again 2

Minnie Manga is paying me a visit, and it is time for us to have some fun!

I am calling my slave over, and after a "wet" evening partying last night, I bet my burps should be pretty smelly.

We start burping and spitting some really nasty slimy saliva in his pathetic face. We have him off course consume our slimy spit.

It is so nasty.

We just keep burping and spitting on him until we are fed up of his spit covered disgusting face!!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 10

2019-01-04Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans15:30 minutesLesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 10 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 10 2

Rachel want to use me as her licking bitch, and I am not har to convince. She place her pussy and ass over my tongue, and I let it slide gently yet firm, exploring her caves. Not hard to guess, Rachel comes over and over with my licking, but she is a bit cruel to me. I hoped for a sweet revenge, but was left unsatisfied.

lets talk about sht baby front cam 1
lets talk about sht baby front cam 2

lets talk about sht baby, lets talk about you and me :)))

yeas thats your destination Peter, you will become my toilet. I tell you all about it. at the end i let my slave lick my shthole clean. Watch and think about what comes out there!


this is the front cam version