my ass my feet

2017-02-27 20:38 minutes Female Domination
my ass my feet 1
my ass my feet 2
my ass my feet 3
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i let a slave lick my ass and feet

For dave the cuckold

2017-02-20 13:04 minutes Cuckold
For dave the cuckold 1
For dave the cuckold 2

wish clip for dave, he want to lick choclet from my ass and sperma from my pussy.

Santa Nikki and Rudolph

2017-02-13 Princess Nikki 11:04 minutes Female Domination
Santa Nikki and Rudolph  1
Santa Nikki and Rudolph  2

Ohh I just love to have so much fun with Rudolph during Christmas. He has to present himself as a good helper for me Santa Nikki, so I keep him on his toes all the time. First I gather some Christmas decorations and use this as I ride his back around the room, after all his job is to be my “chauffeur” through the celebrations. I love have him smell my sweaty feet after a long day with shopping for Christmas.. I know Rudolph love to suck my sexy feet even when they are sweaty, so I push first one, then two feet inside his pathetic mouth. This is the closest thing he comes to sweets this Christmas. Then I show Rudolph my sexy ass, and have him smell a long shopping day. Off course Rudolph loves the smell of my ass, I am his boss.. So I make him taste my ass sweat as well, and make sure his tongue goes deep inside to clean it thoroughly. When I am sure my feet and ass are both clean, I just leave him as a used towel on the floor.. 


Princess Nikki and Cherry piss on slave

2017-02-07 Princess Nikki 11:31 minutes Peeing
Princess Nikki and Cherry piss on slave 1
Princess Nikki and Cherry piss on slave 2

watch two scenes of pincess Nikki and Lady cherry pissing on the slave!

Nikki and Cherry piss pov

2017-01-30 Princess Nikki 5:32 minutes Peeing
Nikki and Cherry piss pov 1
Nikki and Cherry piss pov 2
Nikki and Cherry piss pov 3
Nikki and Cherry piss pov 4

imagine you lay under Nikki and Cherry and have to swollow princesses pee.

Nikki and Neomi fart

2017-01-23 Neomi and Princess Nikki 14:55 minutes Female Domination
Nikki and Neomi fart 1
Nikki and Neomi fart 2

Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi fart in face of a loser!


farting humilation

Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam

2017-01-16 Neomi and Princess Nikki 15:59 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam 1
Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam 2

Slave Lothar recives very hard whipping from the sadistic duo Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi. Slave Thor have to eat food cheewed by the Princesses.


CONTENT: whipping, spitting

A toilet for us

2017-01-09 9:08 minutes Peeing
A toilet for us 1
A toilet for us 2

My friend Princess Neomi and Me use a slave as our toilet and let him lick the rest of our devine piss from the floor.

Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam

2017-01-01 Princess Mini and Princess Nikki 11:28 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam 1
Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam 2

for the first day of the new year the last clip from 2016 dirty party.

Hardest whipping with Nikki Mini and one more girl.


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Princess Nikki cant sht

2016-12-27 Princess Mini 9:46 minutes Female Domination
Princess Nikki cant sht 1
Princess Nikki cant sht 2

Princess Nikki wanted to do something very dirty, something we would not be allowed to show here, but unfortunatlly she could not, well fortunatlly, so we can show this video.

Anyway she piss on his hands andlet the slave lick her stinky asshole.