Game of smells

2018-08-16 Neomi and Princess Nikki 17:36 minutes Asses, Female Domination
Game of smells  1
Game of smells  2

I have a new slave, and 5 Princesses ready to give him a unforgettable evening. After being introduced to all the girls by smelling their pussies, it is time for a game! Any good slave should know the distinctive smell of a Princess, so let the games begin.

He is introduced to ass after ass and must smell them all, but he seem to have a lousy memory! He is struggling to pick the right Princess with the smells. Nomi has a cute attitude, so sits down on his face with the words: “I did not wash my ass today, especially for you!” So we just let him smell, and spit on the loser.

Spittoon practice target

2018-08-09 Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley 10:42 minutes Spitting
Spittoon practice target 1
Spittoon practice target 2

After having the slave clean out stilettos and feet, it is time for some target practice. It is time for the slave to receive our Princess saliva. So we start spitting in his mouth, for him to enjoy. …and just to say, enjoy is the only option with our saliva!

When we are done with our target practice, it is time for him to collect the saliva in his hand, so we both deliver our spit, and he can swallow. We do some dual target practice, before he is dismissed from this duty.. for now!

Lick our dirty asses

2018-08-02 10:37 minutes Asses
Lick our dirty asses 1
Lick our dirty asses 2

I come home to Loren, and her lazy boyfriend is just laying on the couch! It is time to teach him a lesson. So I tell him he should worship his wife’s ass. Loren takes of her panties, and present her rose to her boyfriend. I bet it did not smell nice, we did not shower today. But that is no excuse, his tongue have to clean that ass no matter what!

After cleaning Loren’s ass, he must lick our sweaty feet clean, before I want my rose cleaned as well. When we are satisfied, we just leave him there. It might be some more tasks for him later!

Toilet slavery

2018-07-26 Princess Smiley 5:59 minutes Peeing
Toilet slavery 1
Toilet slavery 2

My slave is lying on the couch as I hover above him with my pussy.. Surely he is aware something tasty is going to be revealed very soon.

I move him to the bathroom, and I spend some time teasing him, before I place my pussy on his mouth, and let him have my delightful golden champagne. When I am done, he must clean my pussy!

Foot fetish with Smiley

2018-07-19 15:56 minutes Foot Fetish
Foot fetish with Smiley 1
Foot fetish with Smiley 2

Princess Smiley is paying me a visit, and she seem a bit surprised finding a slave on his knees in my kitchen. I tell her that we can have him doing some duties for us, and since she just came from outside, her stilettos need a cleaning.

When he is done cleaning and sucking our stilettos, it is time to clean our sweaty feet with his tongue. It is pretty hot now, so he need to do a real good cleaning! Princesses like us do not like that our feet smell bad!

Facesitting cushion

2018-07-12 Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley 9:53 minutes Face Sitting
Facesitting cushion 1
Facesitting cushion 2

My slave is lying on the couch, and it is time for a lesson in breath control. So let us begin! I place my ass on his face, and keep him under my control, while I am talking with Smiley. Then it is her turn, and she grabs a magazine and start reading while sitting comfortably on his face. We talk and share impressions from the magazine, while the cushion is ignored. I once more take a “seat” before we end today’s lesson.

2018 Piss Party 01

2018-07-05 Minnie Manga, Neomi, Princess Mini, and Princess Nikki 17:16 minutes
2018 Piss Party 01 1
2018 Piss Party 01 2

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth! If you liked part 2 you will love part 1! Even more piss :)

2018 Piss Party 02

2018-06-28 Minnie Manga, Neomi, Princess Mini, and Princess Nikki 8:42 minutes Peeing
2018 Piss Party 02 1
2018 Piss Party 02 2

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth!

Bound for cooking 02

2018-06-14 16:55 minutes Fetish
Bound for cooking 02 1
Bound for cooking 02 2

I was tied to the roof. So after being tied to the roof, I am put on foil and baked even more. Watch my sweat as I am boiling. I am cooking like crazy all along as I am tied with no chance to escape.

Bound for cooking 01

2018-06-07 18:28 minutes Fetish
Bound for cooking 01 1
Bound for cooking 01 2

I am tied up by my hands to the roof, and my feet are tied: There is no escape for me. I am getting cooked and baked. So after being tied to the roof, I am put on foil and baked even more. Watch my sweat as I am boiling.