My holiday Toilet

2018-10-11 Princess Nikki 4:24 minutes Peeing
My holiday Toilet 1
My holiday Toilet 2

I made my pathetic slave buy me a trip to Rome, thinking he would get any pleasure from me. What very soon became clear for him was that I only needed him there for my own convenience, as my toilet whenever and wherever I needed to relieve myself.

I have him gazing at my sexy ass and pussy as I hoover above him, and I place my sexy ass on his face, making him breathe my smells. I lift my sexy ass up and let him feel my precious pee inside his mouth, I know he desires my golden nectar. It is so nice to have a portable toilet.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 05

2018-10-04 Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans 19:00 minutes
Bonus Lesbian Clip 05 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 05 2

description will follow

Suck dick and lick the cum

2018-10-04 Princess Nikki 22:17 minutes Cuckold
Suck dick and lick the cum 1
Suck dick and lick the cum 2

I come home to Loren, and her lazy husband is lying in the couch. So I have an idea to teach him a lesson. I put a mask on him, and then we call another slave. When the slave arrives he is stripped, and Loren start giving him a blowjob. This while her husband is watching. He is not allowed to touch her pussy unless ordered to do so!

When he is hard, he start fucking the slaves wife, while he must lick Loren’s ass. I spit on it as well, to make it a bit more “juicy”. After a while it is time for a more humiliating task. Dick sucking! He start sucking the slaves dick while his wife if watching. I think he did like it! He did a good deep throat. Then the slave start fucking his wife again.

I order both of them to start masturbating, and cum on Loren’s foot. Amazing! They manage to cum at the same time. So then there is one more task. Lick the cum from her foot for both of them!

Double farting on a criminal 1
Double farting on a criminal 2

Does any guys, slaves or whatever they are stand a chance against the Feds and the police? I think not! Minnie Manga and me dominate this low life  criminal from beginning to end. But a prison is too good for him. He gets food there. We just feed him our stinky farts.

He cannot escape, he is handcuffed, and both Minnie and me remove the this fabric between our ass and his face, and just continue farting over and over in his face!

So just to show him how low I think he is, I start peeing on him in the end. Minnie also tries, but I guess she let it all out as air.

Burping goodbye

2018-09-20 Princess Mini, Princess Nikki, and Neomi 5:47 minutes Spitting
Burping goodbye 1
Burping goodbye 2

After having used two slaves as our personal toilet, and some amusement, it is time for a goodbye. We all have a glass of something , and we take turns in burping in their pathetic faces. Needless to say we humiliate them every step of the way!

We burp, we spit, and we burp again before we tell them to get lost!

Too early “withdrawal”

2018-09-13 Princess Nikki 19:00 minutes Female Domination
Too early “withdrawal” 1
Too early “withdrawal” 2

My slave is sitting on the couch as I enter the living room, but this is not the propriate way to say welcome to his Princess! So I quickly have him on his knees. I start teasing his dick in his underwear. Then I find my whip and I give him a good whipping, together with some smacks on his balls.

I continue teasing his dick, and spit in his mouth. Then I move him to the floor. I tell him to remove his underwear, and I start jerking his dick.. Well that and give him some kicks to the balls. I spit in his mouth, and before I allow him to cum, he can’t resist my skilled milking! So as a punishment I ruin his orgasm by smacking his dick and balls!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 04

2018-09-12 Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans 12:29 minutes Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 04 2
Rachel is standing by the door, looking so sexy as I approach her. I can’t control
myself, I need a taste of her. So I undress her clothes and start licking her belly
button and armpits. They taste perfectly scented in this heat down here. Rachel
gets carried away, and she start liking and biting my ears, and I can’t help giving
her a revenge. She spit on her body, and I lick it up, before I bite her lips before kissing her.

Foot job

2018-09-06 Princess Nikki 9:56 minutes Footjob
Foot job 1
Foot job 2

A slave is on his knees before me, and I am planning a combination of pleasure and some pain for him. I start having him suck the heels on my stilettos. My stilettos are removed, and I start teasing his dick with my feet. I start giving him a foot job, but not without some pain. So I kick him in the nuts every now and then.

He must lick my feet, before I once more jerk his dick with my feet. I have him lay on the floor, and continue with my foot job. But it Is time to cum, and I have him start jerking himself. I give him a countdown, but the slave fails to cum. Not a good way to appreciate me giving him a foot job!

Bonus Lesbian Clip 03

2018-09-03 Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans 16:54 minutes Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 03 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 03 2
I am playing with my magic wand, and when i use a magic wand the orgasm
comes quick :) and if Rachel is spiting in my face at the same time i can not hold
myself and i am coming very intensive and wet. I have multiple orgasms, and the
chair is soaking wet from my pussy juices. Rachel use the magic wand as well,
she is so jealous of my many orgasms, so both of us have a amazing orgasm

Facesitting my human toilet

2018-08-30 Princess Nikki 13:13 minutes Face Sitting, Peeing
Facesitting my human toilet 1
Facesitting my human toilet 2

I have a new slave visiting me, and after having destroyed his macho attitude, it is now time to give him a lesson in breath control. I just sit down on his face, and make him feel breathless under my bottom. I have some fun, and count in between, to give him a hope for some air.

After a longer facesitting, it is time to initialize him as my toilet. So I take my panties to the side, and start peeing in his mouth. He should not miss anything! This is royal champagne. But after finishing empty my bladder, I see that a lot of pee is on the floor. So there is only one thing for him to do, get down there and lick it all from the floor!