for my cuckolds

2018-11-26 Princess Nikki 13:12 minutes Cuckold
for my cuckolds 1
for my cuckolds 2

hello cuckold watch me jark three dicks and collect all the sperm for you :)

Bonus Lesbian Clip 07

2018-11-21 Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans 19:40 minutes Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 07 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 07 2

I am laying on the bed with my magic wand, and I undress and start using it in my clit as Rachel arrive. She takes control of the wand, and she gives me a powerful orgasm. I lay her down, and she gets the same treatment back from me.

After she orgasm I start rubbing her clit, at the same time as I finger fuck her and give her a g-spot massage. There is no escape, she get a really powerful orgasm. I start using the wand again, and I once more get a powerful orgasm, leaving the bed soaking wet from my juices.

lets talk about sht baby

2018-11-19 Princess Nikki 15:00 minutes Female Domination
lets talk about sht baby  1
lets talk about sht baby  2

lets talk about sht baby, lets talk about you and me :)))

yeas thats your destination Peter, you will become my toilet. I tell you all about it. at the end i let my slave lick my shthole clean. Watch and think about what comes out there!


Cuckold Training

2018-11-12 Princess Nikki 8:05 minutes Cuckold
Cuckold Training 1
Cuckold Training 2

From time to time i have to train my cuckold slave. So today i order a real man jark his sperm out on my tits and let the loser lick it clean :)

Bonus Lesbian Clip 06

2018-11-07 Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans 20:01 minutes Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 06 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 06 2

It is hot outside, and we are both super horny. So I fetch some bottles of oil, and I start pouring it over Rachel, while rubbing and caressing her body. Rachel pour the oil over me, and make sure I am all oiled up. Then we start rubbing our bodies, and pussies on the oil soaked bodies until we both scream in orgasms.

Sexy secretary seduce you into coming

2018-11-04 Princess Nikki 15:42 minutes Femdom
Sexy secretary seduce you into coming 1
Sexy secretary seduce you into coming 2

Look at me, do you find me sexy? Sure you do. In my sexy shirt, skirt and stilettos. I bet your pants is bulging already. But no cum for you before I have had my orgasm! Look at my pussy wide and open.. Inviting is it not? So stroke your dick while you look at my pussy.

I get my dildo, and suck it like a good dick. I will fuck my own ass with this as I rub my clit! But do not cum! So I slide the dick in and out of my sexy ass, as I rub my clit. I bet you are close. Listen as I moan in pleasure, until I have my orgasm.

Hard treatment of a senior citizen

2018-10-28 Princess Nikki 9:54 minutes Whipping
Hard treatment of a senior citizen 1
Hard treatment of a senior citizen 2

A old man comes into the living room where Princess Nikki is sitting comfortable in her chair. But she is not very  happy with him, and kick his walking cane away. She start stomping him hard with her feet, before she have him start to undress. She takes his belt, and start whipping his bare ass withy furious hits.

She have him remove his shirt, and continue whipping him with the belt. Princess Nikki wants his hands, and start whipping his hands, before she uses his cane on them. She finish whipping his hands, and have him crawl out of the room!

Welcome pee

2018-10-23 Princess Nikki 2:58 minutes Peeing
Welcome pee 1
Welcome pee 2

It has been a while since my toilet slave visited me, so I thought a reminder of his place in life would be nice. So a short tease of me should make him remember, before I place my pussy over his mouth. This should be heaven for him, because all he is to me is just a pathetic toilet, consuming my precious pee straight from my pussy!

snot and pee

2018-10-19 Princess Nikki 5:53 minutes Peeing
snot and pee 1
snot and pee 2

If there is one thing I love to do, it is being creative and innovative with my slave! So to take him to new highs, and to appreciate everything that comes from me as a precious gift, I have a new task for him.

My nose is filled with snot, and I was thinking about asking him to bring me a tissue, but no! I think he should be drilled in this task! So I have him lay on the floor and blow my snot straight into his mouth. What did not fall down, I wipe with my finger, and make him lick it off.

I also feel the urge to pee, so while he is down there with his open toilet mouth, I undress, and I pee a lot in his mouth for him. When I am done, I order him to use his tongue as a toilet paper on my pee soaked pussy!

my private toilet

2018-10-15 Princess Nikki 7:50 minutes Peeing
my private toilet 1
my private toilet 2

As I am sitting in my bed I explain very clearly to my slave that i can make all men do nasty things just by giving them some pleasure. As beautiful as I am any slave cater to my every need.. So I tell my slave that this will happen to him today. I tell him to undress, first of all so I can have a laugh of his tiny dick. But he is always doing what I say.. no matter what.. He has a collar that says he belongs to me..and only me!

He has to lay down and start wanking his little rascal, while I hover over him in my panty teasing him with my sexy ass.. I know he is so easily teased by a beautiful Princess like me. I take his dick and start wanking it for him while I start to pee in his mouth.. This should be paradise for my slave.. After all being touched by my Princess hands while I pee in his mouth should be a pleasure. You can see he is getting harder and harder.. But then again! It is me! J

 I count from 10 to zero, and he cum as I say zero.. So you see I can make all men toilets by giving them a little pleasure. So from now on, his only diet will be what is processed through my Princess body.. because he will remember the pleasure it gave him J.