Slave correction - Faceslapping 1
Slave correction - Faceslapping 2

I have a new slave eager to please me, and as always I have some nice ways for him to be “useful” for my purposes! Slave correction! Ahhh I love it! So since the slave is not serving my purposes good enough, well correction is the only solution. Faceslapping the loser is a nice way to get his attention, and make him meet my expectations.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 13 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 13 2

I call my two bitches over, and let them shoot pool at my crotch, as I rub my pussy. But they are not doing very well, so I have them take off my stilettos, and start worshiping my feet, Nothing beats the feeling of having two bitches licking every inch of my beautiful feet!

i have to pee two times

2019-03-31Princess Nikki4:49 minutesFemdom, Peeing
i have to pee two times 1
i have to pee two times 2

when i have to pee during the shooting i never use a toilet, but the mouth of my home slave. Two short scenes :)

You belong below me second cam 1
You belong below me second cam 2

I have a new slave here, and I think it is time to show him who is boss! So let’s get the party started! I start spitting and fac slapping the loser. Before I let his balls feel the power of my feet. I make him jerk himself, but he is not able to cum. I let him smell and lick my armpits, and the continue the evening with ballbusting, spitting and faceslapping. I also piss in his mouth :)

Burp and spit for the loser 1
Burp and spit for the loser 2

It is remarkable how many losers wants to smell my burps, and have me use them as a spittoon! The loser in front of me now, is not any different. So I start spitting in his hand, and he have to lick every piece. I burp in his nose, having him smell whatever comes from deep within. Then I start spitting in his mouth, just to make sure he swallow everything I give him..

3 beauties pissing on a loser 1
3 beauties pissing on a loser 2

Tina and Amirah is dragging the slave upstairs to the bathtub, where all three of us takes turn i pissing in his dirty mouth. It must be his very lucky day!

want tities

2019-03-08Princess Nikki3:38 minutesFemale Domination
want tities 1
want tities 2

I have a  nappy boy who can’t exist or survive without me. He is so focused on my tits, and this is his only source of food. So when I call him over, he knows what is happening. So I caress him and let him suck my tits, until he is satisfied.

Bonus Lesbian Clip 12

2019-03-07Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans11:19 minutesFetish, Lesbian
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 1
Bonus Lesbian Clip 12 2

I have a passion for feet, and especially my girlfriends sexy feet. Rachel Evans and Morgan Moon are together with me, and we have a hot foot frenzy licking and sucking each others feet. It is such a horny feeling.

pee after dinner

2019-03-03Princess Nikki3:04 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
pee after dinner 1
pee after dinner 2

My slave has just taken me out for a dinner, and I had a big steak. So when we get back to the apartment, I think it is only fair that I feed him as well. First I let a fart in his face, before I place myself on a chair, and the pee on him. I always have a lot to offer, so he receives a goodnight shower from me.

A full pee shower after gym 1
A full pee shower after gym 2

I come home from the gym, and my lazy slave is in the living room. So I start by having him smell my sweaty socks and ass. But I have a another plan with him.. I need urgently to pee, so I hover my beautiful pussy over his loser mouth, and he have to swollow  every drop of my pee. It is really a lot, since I just was at the gym. But he misses a lot, so I have him lick everything he missed from the floor!