Golden time

2015-08-10Princess Nikki7:18 minutesFemdom
Golden time 1
Golden time 2
Golden time 3
Golden time 4

I tease my slaves with my golden nectar, it's so yummy!

Tags: peeing

Pissing from above you

2015-07-17Princess Nikki7:14 minutesFemdom
Pissing from above you 1
Pissing from above you 2
Pissing from above you 3
Pissing from above you 4

I am standing at the table in the kitchen and let my golden shower flow down, you are laying down under me and can see my goddess p ... it will be easier for you worm to clean the table, but first you have to lick my feet clean!

Tags: peeing

My golden shower 03

2015-07-11Princess Nikki9:04 minutesFemdom
My golden shower 03 1
My golden shower 03 2
My golden shower 03 3
My golden shower 03 4

My slave sits beside me on the stairs swallowing something yellow, that looks like ...  ? Meantimes I down the stairs. My slave has to clean all the stuff and also my feet!

Tags: peeing

My golden shower 01

2015-06-08Princess Nikki10:20 minutesFemdom
My golden shower 01 1
My golden shower 01 2
My golden shower 01 3
My golden shower 01 4

My slaves have to watch me inside of two dishes. I talk to you and you must swallow all my fluids.

Tags: peeing

Dominant beauties 02

2015-04-28Princess Nikki8:44 minutesFemdom
Dominant beauties 02 1
Dominant beauties 02 2
Dominant beauties 02 3
Dominant beauties 02 4

I chew some fruits, take some joghurt in my mouth and then I spit it on a plate just for you! I also make this dinner little bit more spicy with my golden shower!

Dominant beauties 01

2015-04-25Princess Nikki6:13 minutesFemdom
Dominant beauties 01 1
Dominant beauties 01 2
Dominant beauties 01 3
Dominant beauties 01 4

We let the our golden showers flow in the bowl. Now we present all the fluid in the bowl to you, and ask you if you would like to have some good time with it!

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Andalusia 12

2015-03-19Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde, and Mia Phoenix7:44 minutesFemdom
Andalusia 12 1
Andalusia 12 2
Andalusia 12 3
Andalusia 12 4

Enjoy Mia Phoenix, Gina Blonde and me - let it flow standing, three girls at the same time and backstage moments!

Tags: peeing

Andalusia 09

2015-03-10Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde, and Mia Phoenix9:08 minutesFemdom
Andalusia 09 1
Andalusia 09 2
Andalusia 09 3
Andalusia 09 4

Enjoy Mia Phoenix, Gina Blonde and me - this clip contains 4 new scenes of us let the horny golden showers flow - very wet!!!

Tags: peeing

Andalusia 05

2015-02-27Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde, and Mia Phoenix14:45 minutesFemdom
Andalusia 05 1
Andalusia 05 2
Andalusia 05 3
Andalusia 05 4

This clip starts and ends with some wet moments with Gina Blonde, beside this you can see Gina Blonde and me sticking our dirty asses up in front of the camera!

Tags: posing, peeing

Andalusia 02

2015-02-18Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde, and Mia Phoenix10:00 minutesFemdom
Andalusia 02 1
Andalusia 02 2
Andalusia 02 3
Andalusia 02 4

I start with Gina Blonde with some wet games!

Tags: peeing