piss from me and coco

2017-09-27 Coco de Mal 9:24 minutes Peeing
piss from me and coco 1
piss from me and coco 2

Our new arab slave have to swollow a lot of piss from me and crazy coco


2017-09-18 8:56 minutes
peeing-cum-countdown 1
peeing-cum-countdown 2

If you want to jerk and cumshot, this is the right clip for you. If you love close-ups while pissing, then you have found the right clip Nikki makes the worship very real. First she shows her horny ass and her little rosette. For she says that she wants to feel the tongue in her hole and let the viewer look at her pussy by moving her ass close to the camera. The same happens with her pussy, first she show you here pussy before you are ordered to lick her delicious pussy. But the hottest is yet to come: the viewer should come in 10 seconds .. Nikki pissing in 10 shocks to the floor, all clearly seen, especially her open pussy. And in time, the viewer jerk off and cumshot! A great clip with a super-horny Nikky and lots of piss and dirty talk!

Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam

2017-09-07 7:16 minutes Peeing
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 1
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 2
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 3
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 4

So you love watching me in my new shoes? I am looking very sexy don’t I? Well watch me as I walk towards you and you can see my pretty feet move closer to you. I know this makes you want me! Watch as I flip my feet out of the shoes. They are for sure warm and moist in these leather shoes.

Now you better open your eyes! I am going to pee in my shoes while my feet is still inside of them. I bet you could be the shoe right now loser? Being covered in both my delightful feet and my pee. I put my foot inside and the pee squirts out of it.. It looks hot right? So watch as I walk again, and pee even more in my other shoe. I feel so relieved when I pee just freely like this! I bet you are getting a boner by watching me do this!

nikki and anna gives slave a lesson

2017-08-31 20:30 minutes Femdom
nikki and anna gives slave a lesson 1
nikki and anna gives slave a lesson 2

nikki shows anna how to treat a slave by spitting and pissing in his face.

Nikki and Cherry piss slaves cam

2017-08-24 5:32 minutes Peeing
Nikki and Cherry  piss slaves cam 1
Nikki and Cherry  piss slaves cam 2
Nikki and Cherry  piss slaves cam 3
Nikki and Cherry  piss slaves cam 4

Watch us piis on slave from his point of view down under.

Foot job paradise

2017-08-16 9:52 minutes Foot Fetish
Foot job paradise  1
Foot job paradise  2
Foot job paradise  3
Foot job paradise  4

My slave have been doing great lately, and I think he is allowed to cum today. But it is not going to be just cum! I have him on his knees, and I start touching his dick with my feet. He is so easily aroused by this. But at the same time I touch his balls, and make it very clear that this foot, can easily destroy his balls!

I start giving him a foot job, and he is truly enjoying my sexy feet on his pathetic dick. I keep going, and I even have him join in with his hand while I use my feet on him. So when I give him a countdown he is sure coming hard! The sperm is on my foot, and I think he should be grateful for my kindness! So he has to lick his own cum from my foot!

But he got pleasure from me, so I want some fun as well, so I give him a couple of kick in his balls as a reminder who is the boss!

Urine testing by the border

2017-08-09 3:05 minutes Peeing
Urine testing by the border 1
Urine testing by the border 2
Urine testing by the border 3
Urine testing by the border 4

I am just arriving at the US border, and the stupid border control stops me for some questions. I am not very happy with this, but I know I will not be granted access without my cooperation. So I have to show my passport, and he demand that I leave a urine sample for a testing!

He gives me a glass to piss inside, and I cannot believe it! He start swollowing the piss! But it was not enough, and he tell me to piss more in the glass. So I fill the glass with a lot of piss. The border patrol seem to really enjoy swollowing my piss! What is this? After he has consumed all of my urine he tells me that I am under no influence of anything, and are free to enter the country. What a moron!

Lick the piss from my shoes

2017-08-02 6:10 minutes
Lick the piss from my shoes 1
Lick the piss from my shoes 2
Lick the piss from my shoes 3
Lick the piss from my shoes 4

Zazie and me have been outside, and our shoes are pretty dirty. So I tell her that it is no problem, I have a pathetic shoe cleaner just perfect for such dirty work.

So I tell my shoe cleaner to get his tongue working on our soles. You know outside there is a lot of dog shit, piss and other disgusting things. So Princesses like us should not clean such a mess ourselves! The slave must clean both Zazie’s and my shoes for whatever filth and shit they contain!

This should be a privileged job for a slave.. So close to Princess feet!

But for me this is not humiliating enough! I want to really humiliate him more. So I just start pissing on the floor beside him, while he cleans Zazie’s shoes.

When I am finished, I rub my shoes in the piss and have him lick it off.. I bet my shoes never tasted better than now!

When I am satisfied, I have him zip whatever piss is left on the floor!

Destroying his family jewels

2017-07-25 12:22 minutes
Destroying his family jewels 1
Destroying his family jewels 2
Destroying his family jewels 3
Destroying his family jewels 4

I am so tired of ineffective and stupid slaves! I don’t know why do they have to be so fxxking stupid? Well I have a cure for my temper. Zazie is still here with me, and I tell her that the best way to get rid of bad temper is to “kick” it out of the system!

My slave is ordered to get on his knees, and we start kicking him just because we can! We keep kicking until he falls to the ground, and then ordered back in position again. I know his balls are completely useless, so I take my best shots kicking his nuts as hard as I can. You can really hear the nutcrack! Zazie is really eager to try this as well. And with a couple of tries she really get the hang of it!  

Fucking the postman Second Cam

2017-07-18 16:34 minutes Ball busting
Fucking the postman Second Cam 1
Fucking the postman Second Cam 2
Fucking the postman Second Cam 3
Fucking the postman Second Cam 4

I am so sick and tired of the postman always trying to get a peak inside my apartment. Maybe he is hoping to see my naked? But I have a plan, so when he comes with my mail, I tell him that I have a secret plan with him! He probably think he has some pleasure waiting for him.

But I tell him to take his clothes of, and have him start sucking my strapon. Very soon he realizes that it is my cruel pleasure that is going to be satisfied, and not his! I have him up against the wall and start fucking his “letter box” with my strapon. I just love having the power over him like this!

I take him to the couch, and have him start riding the strapon. I tell him to start wanking his dick, and I expect him to cum on a countdown I have for him! He did actually good, so as a good Princess I let him suck the strapon that has just been up his ass!