My ass slaves bitch boys 01

2015-08-13 Princess Nikki 8:41 minutes Femdom
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 1
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 2
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 3
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 4

You know I am a princess, so young and so beautiful, and look at my bitch boys dadies - so old and ugly - like you.... They dream all the day about licking my ass, after I was on toilet ... I don't need any toilet paper ha...

Spitting in the toilet

2015-07-14 Princess Nikki 7:52 minutes Femdom
Spitting in the toilet 1
Spitting in the toilet 2
Spitting in the toilet 3
Spitting in the toilet 4

I am sitting at the toilet chewing a gum and spitting at swiss bitch. Oh god he loves it, and I am sure you would love it too. Am I right looser?

Tags: spitting

My ass licker 02

2015-07-05 Princess Nikki 6:41 minutes Femdom
My ass licker 02 1
My ass licker 02 2
My ass licker 02 3
My ass licker 02 4

I do not need any toilet paper, I have my slave to clean my asshole anytime. First I have to sh... then I need you pig!

Andalusian slave dreams 02

2015-04-10 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 18:46 minutes Femdom
Andalusian slave dreams 02 1
Andalusian slave dreams 02 2
Andalusian slave dreams 02 3
Andalusian slave dreams 02 4

Miss Mia Phoenix orders our slave to clean our asses. He has to lick deep inside beautiful asses! We talk very dirty to the slave, using him as toilet paper!