Whipping just for fun

2017-07-03 11:07 minutes Whipping
Whipping just for fun 1
Whipping just for fun 2
Whipping just for fun 3
Whipping just for fun 4

Zazie Skymm came for a visit today. She is not really familiar with slaves, and even more the possibilities this gives the beautiful Princesses like us. My slave is here, so I wanted to show her how much fun it can be with a slave. How much pain you can inflict, and they have no escape!

Zazie was rather excited by this thought. I started whipping with a belt, before Zazie dared to try. But Zazie got the hang of this very fast. So we just kept going and going, whipping the slave to the floor several times! But we did not care, I ordered him to get back in position. We just kept going until it stopped being fun for us.

I just want to whip you! Second cam

2017-05-28 5:14 minutes Whipping
I just want to whip you! Second cam 1
I just want to whip you! Second cam 2
I just want to whip you! Second cam 3
I just want to whip you! Second cam 4

I am feeling a little bored, and my slave showed up one day to early so I think a punishment should be in order! This will give him something to think about when we have a time schedule. I tell him to give me his belt, and get on all fours. So I just start whipping his back as hard as I can.

When he falls down I get even more frustrated and let his feet taste the belt! I have him stand against the wall so that I can get a clear shot at his back and his ass, and really give him a taste what he can expect the next days! I am not satisfied until he crawling on the floor!

Whipping fun

2017-05-07 Minnie Manga 11:50 minutes Whipping
Whipping fun 1
Whipping fun 2
Whipping fun 3
Whipping fun 4

Needless to say, but Princess Mini is a really had whipper. We have the slave on all fours, and Mini is equipped with a bull whip while I am using a belt. We both takes turns in whipping the slave. I promise him to start “soft”.  But the slave falls to the floor anyways, and neither Mini or me are happy with this. So soft is put away, now it is full strength in every whip stroke.

 We just  keep going over and over, and the slave falls to the floor several times, which off course do not make us any more  happy. So we start whipping him also laying on the floor. Princess Mini show me how to achieve even more pain in every whip with the belt, which is actually very visible and audible. ;). We trade equipment and Keep going, until in the end it is just Mini who is whipping the slave. This should be a lesson not to piss of two beautiful Princesses like us, with a whip in our hands.


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Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam

2017-01-16 Neomi and Princess Nikki 15:59 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam 1
Dirty Party 25 Nikki Cam 2

Slave Lothar recives very hard whipping from the sadistic duo Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi. Slave Thor have to eat food cheewed by the Princesses.


CONTENT: whipping, spitting

Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam

2017-01-01 Princess Mini and Princess Nikki 11:28 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam 1
Dirty Party 13 Nikki Cam 2

for the first day of the new year the last clip from 2016 dirty party.

Hardest whipping with Nikki Mini and one more girl.


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Tags: femdom

Whipping Lothar

2016-12-16 Princess Nikki 7:17 minutes Whipping
Whipping Lothar 1
Whipping Lothar 2

this clip was shoot a day before the shooting should satrt, but Nikki was just in the mood to really destroy slave Lothar...

Tags: femdom

Dirty Party 23 Nikki Cam

2016-11-26 Princess Nikki 7:26 minutes Whipping
Dirty Party 23 Nikki Cam 1
Dirty Party 23 Nikki Cam 2

What a hard whipping slave Lothar recive from Princess Nikki, followed my ballbusting and swollowing piss.


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Dirty party 13

2016-10-18 Princess Nikki and Princess Mini 11:28 minutes Whipping
Dirty party 13 1
Dirty party 13 2

Nikki, Inga and Mini give the slave a serious punishmant. Especially Mini is a very very hard princess. very hard whipping action



Dirty party 04

2016-10-04 Lady Anna, Princess Nikki, and Princess Vivian 13:54 minutes Whipping
Dirty party 04 1
Dirty party 04 2

Anna and Vivian give the slave a serious whipping, but nikki knows he can take more, so she show the girls how merciless they can treat her slaves. Finally all girls have fun kicking his useless balls.


Look at undermyprincess.com for the first cam version.

Me and Mini 03

2016-06-21 Princess Nikki and Princess Mini 11:05 minutes Femdom
Me and Mini 03 1
Me and Mini 03 2

Now Princess Mini turns totally crazy whipping slave Lothar like hell. I just can assist her a little :)

Tags: whipping