Berlin 2014 - Collect my spit idiots

2015-10-19 Princess Nikki 6:21 minutes Femdom
Berlin 2014 - Collect my spit idiots 1
Berlin 2014 - Collect my spit idiots 2

This pathetic losers are sitting in a wheelchair holding a bowl and collecting all my spit! Yeah take it that is all I can do for you! Maybe it helps and you can stand up you paralized loser!

Tags: spitting

Berlin 2014 - Two wheelchair slaves

2015-10-19 Princess Nikki 13:20 minutes Femdom
Berlin 2014 - Two wheelchair slaves 1
Berlin 2014 - Two wheelchair slaves 2

 What a fun for me! Two losers both sitting in a wheelchair! What to do with these paralized idiots? They can lick my feet if I want, if not, I just put my feet away and no chance for them to catch it :) what a pathetic faces, I just spit on them!

Budapest 2013 - Dirt, spit and ash for welcome 1
Budapest 2013 - Dirt, spit and ash for welcome 2

 Such a long time since last shooting, I really need to torture a bitch ... I come in the location and the slave is already there sitting on the balcony with my crew. I don't need any script, no I start immediately to humiliate him. I let him lick my shoes and feet claen, I spit in his face, slap his face and use him as an asthray. I hope he already knows who is the boss!!!

Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet

2015-10-19 Princess Nikki 6:50 minutes Femdom
Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet 1
Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet 2

I am using my slave as a spitton while sitting on the toilet, he also must consume my special monthly rubbish :)

Tags: spitton

A glass full spit

2015-10-03 Princess Nikki 7:52 minutes Femdom
A glass full spit 1
A glass full spit 2
A glass full spit 3
A glass full spit 4

I spit in a glas and my loser boys sitting down under me open the mouths like young birds and beg me for my delicious spit!

Tags: spitting

Swivel chair face slapping

2015-09-30 Princess Nikki 5:44 minutes Femdom
Swivel chair face slapping 1
Swivel chair face slapping 2
Swivel chair face slapping 3
Swivel chair face slapping 4

That's a funny game - I'm sitting in a swivel chair, one of the slaves swings the chair I draw my hand and slap the faces of the other slaves or spit on them.

Spitting in the toilet

2015-07-14 Princess Nikki 7:52 minutes Femdom
Spitting in the toilet 1
Spitting in the toilet 2
Spitting in the toilet 3
Spitting in the toilet 4

I am sitting at the toilet chewing a gum and spitting at swiss bitch. Oh god he loves it, and I am sure you would love it too. Am I right looser?

Tags: spitting

Dominant beauties 06

2015-05-12 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 5:04 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 06 1
Dominant beauties 06 2
Dominant beauties 06 3
Dominant beauties 06 4

We spit at you liters of spit while you are sitting in your car!

Tags: spitting

Natasha cleans my ass

2014-07-11 Princess Nikki 22:32 minutes Femdom
Natasha cleans my ass 1
Natasha cleans my ass 2
Natasha cleans my ass 3
Natasha cleans my ass 4

Me and Sara in my second femdom clip. There was a kind of story about a guy who comes to buy the house and we start to dominate him, anyway I called him Natasha and let him clean my asshole, Sara did the same. I think it is an honor for loosers like you to stick your tongue where my sh.. is coming out?

CONTENT: shoe licking, lesbo, lesbian, face slapping, pussy licking, ass licking, facesitting, face sitting

My first femdom experience

2014-07-04 Princess Nikki 22:10 minutes Femdom
My first femdom experience 1
My first femdom experience 2
My first femdom experience 3
My first femdom experience 4

While the production on Teneriffe I shoot for kinkysexbox my first femdom clip. Together with Sara we dominate a poolboy, We let him lick our feet and assholes, what a looser, and I discover the best way to deal with you boys ...


CONTENT: ass licking, feet licking, lesbo, lesbian, pussy licking, spitting, pissing, peeing, face sitting, facesitting