I want to fart in your face! second cam

2017-05-01 4:28 minutes Face Sitting
I want to fart in your face! second cam 1
I want to fart in your face! second cam 2
I want to fart in your face! second cam 3
I want to fart in your face! second cam 4

I know all my slaves loves every scent  that comes from a beautiful Princess like me. So my slave should be privileged that I chose him for this honorable task! I just want a loser behind me when I fart in his pathetic face. He should only breath when my ass is “talking” to him.

I make him stand there for a long time while I keep farting over and over in his nose. He should be so lucky being allowed to come this close to my perfect ass. I even think I can make him so addicted that I can fart on a bottle and sell it to him! ;)

Pee on car 03

2017-04-20 11:33 minutes Peeing
Pee on car 03 1
Pee on car 03 2
Pee on car 03 3
Pee on car 03 4

I am so in love with my car! It is my one and only. I will caress my car and I kiss you over and over on the window. I squeeze my tits on the window, and notice how hard my nipples get. I am so in love with my car. I caress you, kiss you rub my ass on you.. Yes you are my big love! BUT! If you ever fail me, betray me or you do not work for me no more, I will break you! I will humiliate you beyond your imagination! I will spit on you with green saliva. I will make you suffer and feel worthless! I will sit on you and just piss all over you! But you are allowed to imagine this is my pussy juices. This is how close you come to pussy juice if you fail me! Imagine you are my car, and dream away!

Pee on car 02

2017-04-14 12:07 minutes Peeing
Pee on car 02 1
Pee on car 02 2
Pee on car 02 3
Pee on car 02 4

So you pathetic loser like to watch girls naked? Well I have a surprise for losers like you. Sitting in your car and spying on sexy Princesses like me! Watch as I rub my ass on your window, you can see it but you can’t touch it! I spit on you loser! You are just worth spitting on! Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you little loser are worth! I will just piss on your window so you can see my pussy and dream I was pissing on you! Because a loser like you will never touch a Princess like me!

Kicking Lothar

2017-03-21 8:24 minutes Female Domination
Kicking Lothar 1
Kicking Lothar 2
Kicking Lothar 3
Kicking Lothar 4

Lothar arrives to the shooting one day to early, so it is easy! If you cannot follow the time schedule then you suffer the consequences. I am not too happy that he is still dressed and I ask him why it is like this? He is supposed to naked, vulnerable and humble in my presence!

But ok, for his mistakes he must pay the penalty. I start kicking his thighs over and over just to show him I can. I turn him around and start kicking his ass until he falls to the ground.

I tell him to hold his hands in the air and kick his hands, before I also kick his foot soles. I know this slave does not admit to be a slave but after kicking the living shot out of him he admitted to be a slave.

burp burp burp second cam

2017-03-07 8:12 minutes Female Domination
burp burp burp second cam 1
burp burp burp second cam 2
burp burp burp second cam 3
burp burp burp second cam 4

My slave is so pathetic, he will do anything for a sexy Goddess like me! Even if it is disgusting and demeaning! In honesty he does not have much choice. My will is his law!

I have him on his knees right in front of me, and I have some soda which will make me burp even more. It is such a humiliating task! I just love doing this to him. I keep burping over and over in his loser face. I even just allow him to breathe whenever I burp! But he should feel privileged. If it does not come out this way, he have to take it from my ass! I tell him maybe I will do this in public with him, so all the people passing can laugh of his pathetic face as well! That should be humiliating enough!

my ass my feet

2017-02-27 20:38 minutes Female Domination
my ass my feet 1
my ass my feet 2
my ass my feet 3
my ass my feet 4

i let a slave lick my ass and feet

For dave the cuckold

2017-02-20 13:04 minutes Cuckold
For dave the cuckold 1
For dave the cuckold 2

wish clip for dave, he want to lick choclet from my ass and sperma from my pussy.

Santa Nikki and Rudolph

2017-02-13 Princess Nikki 11:04 minutes Female Domination
Santa Nikki and Rudolph  1
Santa Nikki and Rudolph  2

Ohh I just love to have so much fun with Rudolph during Christmas. He has to present himself as a good helper for me Santa Nikki, so I keep him on his toes all the time. First I gather some Christmas decorations and use this as I ride his back around the room, after all his job is to be my “chauffeur” through the celebrations. I love have him smell my sweaty feet after a long day with shopping for Christmas.. I know Rudolph love to suck my sexy feet even when they are sweaty, so I push first one, then two feet inside his pathetic mouth. This is the closest thing he comes to sweets this Christmas. Then I show Rudolph my sexy ass, and have him smell a long shopping day. Off course Rudolph loves the smell of my ass, I am his boss.. So I make him taste my ass sweat as well, and make sure his tongue goes deep inside to clean it thoroughly. When I am sure my feet and ass are both clean, I just leave him as a used towel on the floor.. 


Disgusting Perm Eater Second Cam 1
Disgusting Perm Eater Second Cam 2

Look at this bustard, i tease him with my ass and he is wenking. at hte end i tell him to eat his sperm. How disgusting!

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Princess Nikki piss and talk about more

2016-12-11 Princess Nikki 5:49 minutes Peeing
Princess Nikki piss and talk about more 1
Princess Nikki piss and talk about more 2

Princess Nikki pisson her slaves then she talk to them to use them also for other toilet deuties and let them lick her amaizing ass.