Domination in the tube cam 1 Part 1 1
Domination in the tube cam 1 Part 1 2

relaxing in the tube i dominate a slave my spitting in his face, slaping his face hard and busting his balls.

You belong below me second cam 1
You belong below me second cam 2

I have a new slave here, and I think it is time to show him who is boss! So let’s get the party started! I start spitting and fac slapping the loser. Before I let his balls feel the power of my feet. I make him jerk himself, but he is not able to cum. I let him smell and lick my armpits, and the continue the evening with ballbusting, spitting and faceslapping. I also piss in his mouth :)

Fucking the postman Second Cam

2017-07-1716:34 minutesBall busting
Fucking the postman Second Cam 1
Fucking the postman Second Cam 2
Fucking the postman Second Cam 3
Fucking the postman Second Cam 4

I am so sick and tired of the postman always trying to get a peak inside my apartment. Maybe he is hoping to see my naked? But I have a plan, so when he comes with my mail, I tell him that I have a secret plan with him! He probably think he has some pleasure waiting for him.

But I tell him to take his clothes of, and have him start sucking my strapon. Very soon he realizes that it is my cruel pleasure that is going to be satisfied, and not his! I have him up against the wall and start fucking his “letter box” with my strapon. I just love having the power over him like this!

I take him to the couch, and have him start riding the strapon. I tell him to start wanking his dick, and I expect him to cum on a countdown I have for him! He did actually good, so as a good Princess I let him suck the strapon that has just been up his ass!

Ballbusting the loser

2017-05-20Minnie Manga6:25 minutesBall busting
Ballbusting the loser 1
Ballbusting the loser 2
Ballbusting the loser 3
Ballbusting the loser 4

After having whipped the slave to the ground, Princess Mini and I still wants to punish the slave even more. It is time for ballbusting! I love bust his balls, and takes charge and kick his balls really hard with her stilettos. Princess Mini does not say no to an invitation to damage his family jewels as well. There is no mercy from these us, we are not satisfied until he is begging us hard to stop! Pain is just the beginning. Get back on your knees again slave! And spread your legs wide!

I know his balls are useless anyway so nothing will actually be broken!

Berlin 2012 - Ballbusting loser in adult diper 1
Berlin 2012 - Ballbusting loser in adult diper 2

Oh my god he looks so stupid in this adult diper, I only can kick his pathetic balls as hard as I can!