nikki and sara backstage

2019-12-15Princess Nikki9:14 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom
nikki and sara backstage 1
nikki and sara backstage 2

some backstage moments

toilet is back

2019-12-11Princess Nikki5:40 minutes
toilet is back 1
toilet is back 2

and have to swollow...

piss consumption

2019-12-06Princess Nikki6:40 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
piss consumption 1
piss consumption 2

is a obligance for my slaves...

Piss Breackfest

2019-12-01Princess Nikki5:20 minutesFemale Domination, Femdom, Peeing
Piss Breackfest 1
Piss Breackfest 2

i give my slave my piss for breackfest

toilet phantasy and feet 1
toilet phantasy and feet 2

talking about your toilet deauties and showing my feet.

Nesty and Nikki from facesitting to ass licking 1
Nesty and Nikki from facesitting to ass licking 2

Nesty and Nikki first tease the slave with some face sitting, then they orders him to lick the dirty princesses asses.

Ass fucked and sucked part 2 1
Ass fucked and sucked part 2 2

After having my bitch lick another mans cum, I fuck his sorry ass. He jerk his dick, which is pretty hard after sucking another mans dick :) So when he cums, I have the first bitch licking his cum, and off course suck his cum covered dick!

Ass fucked and sucked part 1 1
Ass fucked and sucked part 1 2

I have a bitch which I like to fuck in the ass, but today, it is on one condition! He must wear stockings, and stilettos to get this honor! So after having him suck my strapon, I start fucking hi sorry ass! While my strapon penetrates his ass, he start jerking his dick. As usual he comes, and I have another bi sexual bitch on stand by! So I call him over to lick his cum, and suck his dick. Yupp! Straight my ass.. He got a boner after sucking another mans dick!

Ass cleaning before a date 1
Ass cleaning before a date 2

I have a hot date today, and I want to put on my makeup. While I am doing this it is smart to get my ass cleaned. For sure my date will fuck me in the ass, and I need it to be clean. So I call my stupid slave over to start licking and cleaning my ass. I make sure his tongue goes deep inside, to get rid of the eventually snack that is left up there.

nikki and sara pee again 1
nikki and sara pee again 2

one more clip of me and sara using a slave as a toilet.