Lick the piss from my shoes

2017-08-02 6:10 minutes
Lick the piss from my shoes 1
Lick the piss from my shoes 2
Lick the piss from my shoes 3
Lick the piss from my shoes 4

Zazie and me have been outside, and our shoes are pretty dirty. So I tell her that it is no problem, I have a pathetic shoe cleaner just perfect for such dirty work.

So I tell my shoe cleaner to get his tongue working on our soles. You know outside there is a lot of dog shit, piss and other disgusting things. So Princesses like us should not clean such a mess ourselves! The slave must clean both Zazie’s and my shoes for whatever filth and shit they contain!

This should be a privileged job for a slave.. So close to Princess feet!

But for me this is not humiliating enough! I want to really humiliate him more. So I just start pissing on the floor beside him, while he cleans Zazie’s shoes.

When I am finished, I rub my shoes in the piss and have him lick it off.. I bet my shoes never tasted better than now!

When I am satisfied, I have him zip whatever piss is left on the floor!

Destroying his family jewels

2017-07-25 12:22 minutes
Destroying his family jewels 1
Destroying his family jewels 2
Destroying his family jewels 3
Destroying his family jewels 4

I am so tired of ineffective and stupid slaves! I don’t know why do they have to be so fxxking stupid? Well I have a cure for my temper. Zazie is still here with me, and I tell her that the best way to get rid of bad temper is to “kick” it out of the system!

My slave is ordered to get on his knees, and we start kicking him just because we can! We keep kicking until he falls to the ground, and then ordered back in position again. I know his balls are completely useless, so I take my best shots kicking his nuts as hard as I can. You can really hear the nutcrack! Zazie is really eager to try this as well. And with a couple of tries she really get the hang of it!  

Fucking the postman Second Cam

2017-07-18 16:34 minutes Ball busting
Fucking the postman Second Cam 1
Fucking the postman Second Cam 2
Fucking the postman Second Cam 3
Fucking the postman Second Cam 4

I am so sick and tired of the postman always trying to get a peak inside my apartment. Maybe he is hoping to see my naked? But I have a plan, so when he comes with my mail, I tell him that I have a secret plan with him! He probably think he has some pleasure waiting for him.

But I tell him to take his clothes of, and have him start sucking my strapon. Very soon he realizes that it is my cruel pleasure that is going to be satisfied, and not his! I have him up against the wall and start fucking his “letter box” with my strapon. I just love having the power over him like this!

I take him to the couch, and have him start riding the strapon. I tell him to start wanking his dick, and I expect him to cum on a countdown I have for him! He did actually good, so as a good Princess I let him suck the strapon that has just been up his ass!

Under my perfect ass Second Cam

2017-07-10 7:44 minutes Asses
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 1
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 2
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 3
Under my perfect ass Second Cam 4

Any slave should feel lucky being allowed to be under my perfect ass! I know all slaves are suckers for this, so you should consider it a lethal weapon! ;) So having my slave here, I know he can’t resist my ass either. So I start having him smell my ass. I know he is very familiar with my scent! So I have him lay down and start facesitting him full weight. Really pushing his nose in my ass, even with my lingerie on.

But this is not enough for my, so I take my underwear of, and have him in touch with the real thing! I make him put his tongue deep inside my ass, while his nose is prevented from breathing in my pussy! I want his tongue deep, deep inside my ass. He should really feel the taste of me!

He should only be so privileged today, being allowed to worship my perfect ass!

Whipping just for fun

2017-07-03 11:07 minutes Whipping
Whipping just for fun 1
Whipping just for fun 2
Whipping just for fun 3
Whipping just for fun 4

Zazie Skymm came for a visit today. She is not really familiar with slaves, and even more the possibilities this gives the beautiful Princesses like us. My slave is here, so I wanted to show her how much fun it can be with a slave. How much pain you can inflict, and they have no escape!

Zazie was rather excited by this thought. I started whipping with a belt, before Zazie dared to try. But Zazie got the hang of this very fast. So we just kept going and going, whipping the slave to the floor several times! But we did not care, I ordered him to get back in position. We just kept going until it stopped being fun for us.

Burping and spitting

2017-06-24 Neomi and Princess Nikki 15:02 minutes Spitting
Burping and spitting 1
Burping and spitting 2

I am so enjoying the company of my best friend Nomi Melone. We are sharing a Coke, and I feel the urge to burp. So I call my slave over to really humiliate him in front of my friend. I have him kneel for us, as I start serving him my burps one after one.

Nomi wants to humiliate him to, but she struggles a bit with the burps, so she start spitting in his pathetic face. So why not? I also spit and burp in his face. We have him start jerking, and the loser get a boner from our burps and spit! What a loser!

Pee on my car 03

2017-06-19 12:28 minutes Peeing
Pee on my car 03 1
Pee on my car 03 2

I am looking at Christina’s phone and find a picture of my boyfriend! So I pull her face to the car window, make her spit on it and lick it off. But she soon get very angry with me, and pull me to the window to lick my own spit. We soon realize we are both pretty mad, and the car is the best place to place our anger!

We continue to spit on the car window, and Christina think it is time to pee as well. She pees a really nice stream. To show our anger furthermore, I also need to pee, and give the car some of my golden shower to consummate.  Christina need to pee yet again and give one more shower for the car. But I am still upset with her pictures of my boyfriend, so I make her lick the spit of my window, before we both agree that the car is our bitch!

lick our piss!

2017-06-11 4:31 minutes Peeing
lick our piss! 1
lick our piss! 2
lick our piss! 3
lick our piss! 4

I cannot believe what my slave said! He asked me if he could get a glass of water? What the hell! Off course you can’t! So I agree with Mini that we will take care of his dehydration. He should not worry about that! We are two beautiful Princesses, and what we always have a lot of, is pee! So it is very easy to be a slave of us.

We tell him to lie down, and we give him several mouthfuls of our precious pee, so he should not be thirsty again before the next time we need to do our little thing!

hurting hands

2017-06-05 Princess Mini 14:50 minutes Female Domination
hurting hands 1
hurting hands 2
hurting hands 3
hurting hands 4

You know I love so much to inflict pain to my slave. Mini is never hard to ask to join me in these quests. Mini loves maybe even more than me to inflict pain. So what are we to do with this slave today? Well I find some wooden spoons, and I think it is time to make his knuckles hurt.. BADLY!

I knock hard on his knuckles, and neither Mini or me care if it hurts. Just get your hands out again. We don’t care about you! This is our fun time!

To make it more painful for him, I trample his hands with my spiked heels as well. So tonight I for sure know your hands will not touch anything!

I just want to whip you! Second cam

2017-05-28 5:14 minutes Whipping
I just want to whip you! Second cam 1
I just want to whip you! Second cam 2
I just want to whip you! Second cam 3
I just want to whip you! Second cam 4

I am feeling a little bored, and my slave showed up one day to early so I think a punishment should be in order! This will give him something to think about when we have a time schedule. I tell him to give me his belt, and get on all fours. So I just start whipping his back as hard as I can.

When he falls down I get even more frustrated and let his feet taste the belt! I have him stand against the wall so that I can get a clear shot at his back and his ass, and really give him a taste what he can expect the next days! I am not satisfied until he crawling on the floor!