Face slapping the idiots

2015-09-18 Princess Nikki 15:55 minutes Femdom
Face slapping the idiots 1
Face slapping the idiots 2
Face slapping the idiots 3
Face slapping the idiots 4

I have a nice competition for my slave idiots. I start slapping the pathetic faces, let us see which piece of sh..t loser can take most, the winner can lick my ass... Hard Face Slapping !

My ass slaves bitch boys 01

2015-08-13 Princess Nikki 8:41 minutes Femdom
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 1
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 2
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 3
My ass slaves bitch boys 01 4

You know I am a princess, so young and so beautiful, and look at my bitch boys dadies - so old and ugly - like you.... They dream all the day about licking my ass, after I was on toilet ... I don't need any toilet paper ha...

Ass and feet

2015-07-26 Princess Nikki 12:15 minutes Femdom
Ass and feet 1
Ass and feet 2
Ass and feet 3
Ass and feet 4

My slaves Santa Claus and swiss bitch loves to worship my princess ass and my dirty feet.

Lick my ass

2015-07-23 Princess Nikki 7:37 minutes Femdom
Lick my ass 1
Lick my ass 2
Lick my ass 3
Lick my ass 4

This clip is an ultimate experience for all of you boys that are dreaming about eat my sh...I let my slave clean my ass after sh..ng and I speak all the time about how you would like to do it. Oh god I have to laugh all the time because you are so pathetic.

Whipping swiss bitchs cock

2015-07-20 Princess Nikki 9:02 minutes Femdom
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 1
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 2
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 3
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 4

I decided to whip my house slave a litlle, especially his cock....o.k. he is a good ass licker but if I whip him he starts to crying at once, I dislike it ...

Tags: whipping

My ass licker 02

2015-07-05 Princess Nikki 6:41 minutes Femdom
My ass licker 02 1
My ass licker 02 2
My ass licker 02 3
My ass licker 02 4

I do not need any toilet paper, I have my slave to clean my asshole anytime. First I have to sh... then I need you pig!

My perfect ass 02

2015-06-17 Princess Nikki 5:49 minutes Femdom
My perfect ass 02 1
My perfect ass 02 2
My perfect ass 02 3
My perfect ass 02 4

My ass is so perfect, normally you should pay hundrets of dollars to watch it, but today is your lucky day, I give you just this one clip for cheep, so you can see what you miss if you stay so avaricious bitch!

Tags: pov

Be my cuckold 01

2015-06-02 Princess Nikki 8:01 minutes Femdom
Be my cuckold 01 1
Be my cuckold 01 2
Be my cuckold 01 3
Be my cuckold 01 4

I prepare for a hot date with my new boyfriend, I hope he will fuck my ass tonight. My house slave swiss bitch has to lick my ass clean before the date. I am sure everyone of you perverts would love to be in his place?

Jeans princess 01

2015-05-21 Princess Nikki 4:55 minutes Femdom
Jeans princess 01 1
Jeans princess 01 2
Jeans princess 01 3
Jeans princess 01 4

I show you my ass wearing different jeans, I am sure you would love to put your tongue at my jeans bitch!

Tags: pov

My perfect ass 01

2015-05-18 Princess Nikki 5:59 minutes Femdom
My perfect ass 01 1
My perfect ass 01 2
My perfect ass 01 3
My perfect ass 01 4

Watch me teasing you with my ass, wearing sexy white panties. You are dreaming about to lick my asshole looser, but you only allowed to wenk your cock while looking at your goddess teasing you with a perfect ass!

Tags: pov