Destroying his family jewels 1
Destroying his family jewels 2
Destroying his family jewels 3
Destroying his family jewels 4

I am so tired of ineffective and stupid slaves! I don’t know why do they have to be so fxxking stupid? Well I have a cure for my temper. Zazie is still here with me, and I tell her that the best way to get rid of bad temper is to “kick” it out of the system!

My slave is ordered to get on his knees, and we start kicking him just because we can! We keep kicking until he falls to the ground, and then ordered back in position again. I know his balls are completely useless, so I take my best shots kicking his nuts as hard as I can. You can really hear the nutcrack! Zazie is really eager to try this as well. And with a couple of tries she really get the hang of it!