Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01

2018-04-19 Neomi and Princess Mini 14:17 minutes Whipping
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01 1
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 01 2

Princess Nomi and Princess Minnie is joining me on my birthday to give my slave a welcome. This will be for sure an evening for him to remember. Nomi is not rather impressed that he comes to us dressed, and so his clothes have to go NOW! To welcome him we are equipped with a rod, and whip and what they use to make the horses run faster.

So we start hitting his ass with the rod, and he is making too much noise!  I was not too happy that we had to drive miles away because he make so much noise! But Minnie is not impressed with his complaining, so she use the rod to show him what real pain is!

We continue to hit him on his hands and on his feet, while he is whipped by Minnie and Nomi.

Wrestling loser, lose again

2018-04-12 5:16 minutes Wrestling
Wrestling loser, lose again 1
Wrestling loser, lose again 2

When are this loser gonna learn? He lost to us in wrestling, and we had an agreement that we could do whatever we wanted with the loser. But does a fool ever learn? No!

He wants to arm wrestle Shona and me, to regain his loser glory, HA! Well arm wrestling he will be, but I think we all know how this will end. As I predicted Shona beats him down with both arms. As for me, well, I think we all know the result here already.. The loser lose again! Game, set, MATCH!

Wrestling loser cumshots in our headlock

2018-04-05 7:13 minutes
Wrestling loser cumshots in our headlock  1
Wrestling loser cumshots in our headlock  2

We have the big wrestling loser in Shona’s headlock on the couch, and I am pretty sure losers like him is not able to cum! Shona agrees with me, and for sure the last one who failed to do as we said, is not with us anymore. So let the countdown begin.

I start counting down while he jerks his dick. While he is constantly reminded about what awaits him if he fail. Lucky for him he manages to cumshot and we let him think we will let him go. But that was just something we said, so Shona squeezes her tights together, and bye bye!

Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes

2018-03-29 9:02 minutes Asses
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes 1
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty assholes 2

After losing a wrestling match against me and Shona River, it is time for his punishments! I just went to the toilet, and the loser don’t even have toilet paper! WTF! Ok, no problem, nothing that a loser can’t fix.

We both start facesitting him to smell our sweat and other odors from the back door. Before the bikini bottom is pushed aside, and he has to lick both our asses spotlessly clean from whatever filth is left there. But maybe this is more like a prize for him than a punishment?

Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 1
Wrestling loser lick our sweaty dirty feet 2

After licking our sweaty stinking armpits, we need our feet cleaned for the same purpose. Plus the loser did not even bother to clean his apartment before we came! So our beautiful feet are dirty! There is only one thing to do, get that tongue out, and start licking our feet until we are satisfied!

Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean

2018-03-15 5:07 minutes Femdom
Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 1
Wrestling loser lick our armpits clean 2

Shona River is visiting me, and so is a loser slave who wants to wrestle us. After losing, and to avoid punishment he tries inviting us out for a date. HA! NO WAY!

It is time for the losers punishment! He is begging not to lick or smell our armpits, so the punishment he just arranged for himself. I smell my armpits, and it is a “treat” that is awaiting him. Shona push his head in my armpit to smell it before his tongue is put to work.

The Shona show her armpit, and he have to clean hers as well. The last armpit from both of us, he must clean synchronized licking style with both our pits. This should teach him a lesson having a bad mouth and bragging from now on!

Wrestling a loser

2018-03-08 17:05 minutes Wrestling
Wrestling a loser 1
Wrestling a loser 2

Shona River is visiting me, and so is a loser slave who wants to wrestle us. Well what can I say, it is a free world, and sure he can wrestle us! But he must also be prepared for the losers punishment! There is no way he will win!

He start wrestling, and I have him locked in several positions, using my bodily strength! Shona is doing the same as me, and he is rather beaten. But there is no way we stop. He asked for this, and he will not be done before we say so. I even do a lift and carry with this loser, and throw him behind me.

As I said, he will not win, and this is how it goes wrestling with us! Now prepare for the punishment(s) we have in mind for him!

Another painfull evening

2018-03-01 13:04 minutes Whipping
Another painfull evening 1
Another painfull evening 2

It is time to make things a little more painful for the slave, so I start twisting his pathetic dick. Julia start trampling his pathetic body. And Darcia follows up after her. So I guess it is up to me to give him the painful trampling with my sharp heels. I put my heel on his toe full weight to some painful screams from him!

We give him a new beating on his hands, and I do not use the soft leather, I use the metal to hit to make it hurt as much as possible. We give him some more whipping, before I “finish” him with some nice kicks!

Your pain is our entertainment

2018-02-22 12:03 minutes Whipping
Your pain is our entertainment 1
Your pain is our entertainment 2

Darcia and Julia is still helping me torment my slave, and Julia use her feet for some CBT. We bbring out the good old whips, and we start whipping him again like the good Princesses we are. Julia bring out some more kitchen appliances, and she grab his tongue and dick with this for some more pain for him. Before we again whip him.

triple painfull domination

2018-02-15 12:43 minutes Whipping
triple painfull domination 1
triple painfull domination 2

Darcia is a young teenage mistress, and she is trying domination with me for the first time. So I call my slave over, and I tell her that she can do whatever she want to do with him. First he must welcome her by kissing and licking her shoes, before he must lick mine as well. Then we start using our whip and rod and give him some pain! I just love hitting his hands HARD!

Mistress Julia joins us, and he must welcome her in the same manner, before we continue our travel down the pain road. He is whipped, And Julia use a belt to tie his hands before we continue whipping, hitting his feet with kitchen appliances. Before he must kiss Julia’s feet in gratitude.