Budapest 2014 - New hungarian slave

18.10.2015Princess Nikki12:14 MinutenFoot Fetish
Budapest 2014 - New hungarian slave 1
Budapest 2014 - New hungarian slave 2

This is the first clip with my new hungarian slave, I just try out what he can take, spit in his face, eat my socks, lick my shoes and feet ... o.k. I think I can use him!

Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet

18.10.2015Princess Nikki6:50 MinutenFemdom
Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet 1
Berlin 2012 - Spitton by the toilet 2

I am using my slave as a spitton while sitting on the toilet, he also must consume my special monthly rubbish :)

Schlagworte: spitton
Madeira 2011 - Billiard instructor 1
Madeira 2011 - Billiard instructor 2

This stupid idiot thinks he can instruct girls like us anything! Ha mistake, we will instruct you how to lick our shoes clean and how to serve as a spitton. At the end we give him a lesson in billiard by laying him at the table and bouncing billiard balls in his balls! Me, Princess Rachel Evans, Lady Morgan Moon.

Andalusian slave dreams 06

21.04.2015Princess Nikki und Mia Phoenix13:18 MinutenFemdom
Andalusian slave dreams 06 1
Andalusian slave dreams 06 2
Andalusian slave dreams 06 3
Andalusian slave dreams 06 4

We sent the slave on the street to earn some money. He looks ugly in the sexy clothes, so nobody wants to pay him for sex! Back home he has to serve us as a spitton and a target for face slaps!

Schlagworte: face slapping, spitton