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18.11.2020Princess Nikki5:19 MinutenCuckold, Female Domination, Femdom
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I present you my holes after nice fucking becuse your destination is to be my cuckold.

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23.09.20206:48 MinutenCuckold, Femdom, Humiliation
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Just telling you how i will borow you for big gangbang productions as a floor cleaner cuckold.

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23.02.2019Princess Nikki28:24 MinutenCuckold, Female Domination, Femdom
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Tina Kay have a evening planned for her cuckold. It is time to make this a lifestyle for him. She have him worship her feet and stilettos, before she have her hubby coming over. She gives him a blowjob, and they start fucking, with the cuckold in close proximity to his dick. This is after all what will “feed” him in the future. Tina fuck and blow him several times, as the cuckold is always close to the action. When he is about to deliver his cum, his dick is aiming for the cuckolds mouth. When he is done, Tina suck the last drops of cum and spit it in the mouth of the cuckold.

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when come home after a sex party it is his duty to clean my pussy fromm all the sperm.

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25.11.2018Princess Nikki13:12 MinutenCuckold
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hello cuckold watch me jark three dicks and collect all the sperm for you :)

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11.11.2018Princess Nikki8:05 MinutenCuckold
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From time to time i have to train my cuckold slave. So today i order a real man jark his sperm out on my tits and let the loser lick it clean :)

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03.10.2018Princess Nikki22:17 MinutenCuckold
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I come home to Loren, and her lazy husband is lying in the couch. So I have an idea to teach him a lesson. I put a mask on him, and then we call another slave. When the slave arrives he is stripped, and Loren start giving him a blowjob. This while her husband is watching. He is not allowed to touch her pussy unless ordered to do so!

When he is hard, he start fucking the slaves wife, while he must lick Loren’s ass. I spit on it as well, to make it a bit more “juicy”. After a while it is time for a more humiliating task. Dick sucking! He start sucking the slaves dick while his wife if watching. I think he did like it! He did a good deep throat. Then the slave start fucking his wife again.

I order both of them to start masturbating, and cum on Loren’s foot. Amazing! They manage to cum at the same time. So then there is one more task. Lick the cum from her foot for both of them!

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19.02.201713:04 MinutenCuckold
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wish clip for dave, he want to lick choclet from my ass and sperma from my pussy.