Burp and spit for the loser 1
Burp and spit for the loser 2

It is remarkable how many losers wants to smell my burps, and have me use them as a spittoon! The loser in front of me now, is not any different. So I start spitting in his hand, and he have to lick every piece. I burp in his nose, having him smell whatever comes from deep within. Then I start spitting in his mouth, just to make sure he swallow everything I give him..

Our Spittoon

17.02.2019Princess Nikki und Princess Smiley14:49 MinutenFemale Domination, Femdom, Spitting
Our Spittoon 1
Our Spittoon 2

Smiley and I have a new plan for our slave. He need to appreciate our sweet saliva. So we have him stand on his knees before us, and we continue just spitting in his pathetic face. We lay his head back on a bench, and just let our saliva fall into his dirty mouth.

Burping and spitting with Christina 1
Burping and spitting with Christina 2

We have just had some hot lesbian sex, and now it is time to humiliate the lousy slave. We have him kneeling in front of us, and we start burping in his disgusting face. We spit in his face, and make him catch our spit with his mouth.

Burping with Mini again 1
Burping with Mini again 2

Minnie Manga is paying me a visit, and it is time for us to have some fun!

I am calling my slave over, and after a "wet" evening partying last night, I bet my burps should be pretty smelly.

We start burping and spitting some really nasty slimy saliva in his pathetic face. We have him off course consume our slimy spit.

It is so nasty.

We just keep burping and spitting on him until we are fed up of his spit covered disgusting face!!

Burping goodbye

20.09.2018Princess Mini, Princess Nikki und Neomi5:47 MinutenSpitting
Burping goodbye 1
Burping goodbye 2

After having used two slaves as our personal toilet, and some amusement, it is time for a goodbye. We all have a glass of something , and we take turns in burping in their pathetic faces. Needless to say we humiliate them every step of the way!

We burp, we spit, and we burp again before we tell them to get lost!

Spittoon practice target

09.08.2018Princess Nikki und Princess Smiley10:42 MinutenSpitting
Spittoon practice target 1
Spittoon practice target 2

After having the slave clean out stilettos and feet, it is time for some target practice. It is time for the slave to receive our Princess saliva. So we start spitting in his mouth, for him to enjoy. …and just to say, enjoy is the only option with our saliva!

When we are done with our target practice, it is time for him to collect the saliva in his hand, so we both deliver our spit, and he can swallow. We do some dual target practice, before he is dismissed from this duty.. for now!

Burping and spitting

24.06.2017Neomi und Princess Nikki15:02 MinutenSpitting
Burping and spitting 1
Burping and spitting 2

I am so enjoying the company of my best friend Nomi Melone. We are sharing a Coke, and I feel the urge to burp. So I call my slave over to really humiliate him in front of my friend. I have him kneel for us, as I start serving him my burps one after one.

Nomi wants to humiliate him to, but she struggles a bit with the burps, so she start spitting in his pathetic face. So why not? I also spit and burp in his face. We have him start jerking, and the loser get a boner from our burps and spit! What a loser!