Foot fetish with Smiley

19.07.2018 15:56 Minuten Foot Fetish
Foot fetish with Smiley 1
Foot fetish with Smiley 2

Princess Smiley is paying me a visit, and she seem a bit surprised finding a slave on his knees in my kitchen. I tell her that we can have him doing some duties for us, and since she just came from outside, her stilettos need a cleaning.

When he is done cleaning and sucking our stilettos, it is time to clean our sweaty feet with his tongue. It is pretty hot now, so he need to do a real good cleaning! Princesses like us do not like that our feet smell bad!

Facesitting cushion

12.07.2018 Princess Nikki und Princess Smiley 9:53 Minuten Face Sitting
Facesitting cushion 1
Facesitting cushion 2

My slave is lying on the couch, and it is time for a lesson in breath control. So let us begin! I place my ass on his face, and keep him under my control, while I am talking with Smiley. Then it is her turn, and she grabs a magazine and start reading while sitting comfortably on his face. We talk and share impressions from the magazine, while the cushion is ignored. I once more take a “seat” before we end today’s lesson.

2018 Piss Party 01

05.07.2018 Minnie Manga, Neomi, Princess Mini und Princess Nikki 17:16 Minuten
2018 Piss Party 01 1
2018 Piss Party 01 2

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth! If you liked part 2 you will love part 1! Even more piss :)

2018 Piss Party 02

28.06.2018 Minnie Manga, Neomi, Princess Mini und Princess Nikki 8:42 Minuten Peeing
2018 Piss Party 02 1
2018 Piss Party 02 2

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth!

Bound for cooking 02

14.06.2018 16:55 Minuten Fetish
Bound for cooking 02 1
Bound for cooking 02 2

I was tied to the roof. So after being tied to the roof, I am put on foil and baked even more. Watch my sweat as I am boiling. I am cooking like crazy all along as I am tied with no chance to escape.

Bound for cooking 01

07.06.2018 18:28 Minuten Fetish
Bound for cooking 01 1
Bound for cooking 01 2

I am tied up by my hands to the roof, and my feet are tied: There is no escape for me. I am getting cooked and baked. So after being tied to the roof, I am put on foil and baked even more. Watch my sweat as I am boiling.

Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward

31.05.2018 9:55 Minuten Female Domination
Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward 1
Armpit pervert’s sweaty reward 2

I have just been to the gym, and it was a really sweaty workout! My slave is as always doing housework as a slave should, and when I get home, I start teasing him with my sweaty armpits.

As a good slave he should love and know every scent of his Goddess!

So I have him sniff my pits, and tell me which smells "best".

Once we have this figured out, I take my top of and rub his nose in my armpits.

But I won't just let him lick my precious sweat without some suffering.

I have him start jerking his dick (which by the way was already hard from my smells).

Then on a short countdown have him cum on my stinky smelly armpit.

I then order him to lick all his cum, mixed with my perfect scent and sweat!

(Note: It is all real. Sweaty armpits straight after the gym without any deo before the gym)

I am at thy gym

24.05.2018 12:15 Minuten Femdom
I am at thy gym 1
I am at thy gym 2

I am at the gym, and I am getting really sweaty. I will make sure that when I get back home, my slave will have a lot of clean up to do. So then why bother bringing a gym towel?

At home I call my slave to me, and explain that I have just been to the gym, and went home without showering. So I order him to remove my shoes, and smell my stinky socks. I make him remove my socks, and start licking and smelling my stinky feet. He must clean them well, including between my toes.

But I have a even better treat for him! I take of my shirt, and my armpits should be really, really smelly. I used no deodorant today, and I make him smell my armpits to familiarize my stinky armpits.

I tell him to put his pathetic tongue out, and start licking and cleaning every piece of sweat from my sweaty armpits. No smell can be left behind! But he is a horny pervert! He gets a boner from licking my armpits! But when he is done cleaning, and made sure no smell is there, I just tell him to get lost!

(Real after gym worship, no shower)

Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05

17.05.2018 Neomi und Princess Mini 10:46 Minuten Whipping
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05 1
Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 05 2

It is my birthday and I have some music playing, so I wanna dance. So my girls Minnie and Nomi joins me, before I call my slave over. He must start dancing as well, but for him it will be a painful dance. We start whipping and hitting him while he is dancing, it is after all my birthday. My wishes should come through.

So we hit him over and over, before we get him on the ground and start trampling him with our shoes and stilettos. Again he is complaining and screaming, so before we send the wimp home, we give him a real good beating from all 3 of us at the same time. Happy birthday to me!

Nikki, Mini, Nomi Whipping 04

10.05.2018 Neomi und Princess Mini 11:10 Minuten Whipping