Whipping just for fun

2017-07-03 − 11:07 minutes
Whipping just for fun 1
Whipping just for fun 2
Whipping just for fun 3
Whipping just for fun 4

Zazie Skymm came for a visit today. She is not really familiar with slaves, and even more the possibilities this gives the beautiful Princesses like us. My slave is here, so I wanted to show her how much fun it can be with a slave. How much pain you can inflict, and they have no escape!

Zazie was rather excited by this thought. I started whipping with a belt, before Zazie dared to try. But Zazie got the hang of this very fast. So we just kept going and going, whipping the slave to the floor several times! But we did not care, I ordered him to get back in position. We just kept going until it stopped being fun for us.

Whipping fun

2017-05-07 − Minnie Manga − 11:50 minutes
Whipping fun 1
Whipping fun 2
Whipping fun 3
Whipping fun 4

Needless to say, but Princess Mini is a really had whipper. We have the slave on all fours, and Mini is equipped with a bull whip while I am using a belt. We both takes turns in whipping the slave. I promise him to start “soft”.  But the slave falls to the floor anyways, and neither Mini or me are happy with this. So soft is put away, now it is full strength in every whip stroke.

 We just  keep going over and over, and the slave falls to the floor several times, which off course do not make us any more  happy. So we start whipping him also laying on the floor. Princess Mini show me how to achieve even more pain in every whip with the belt, which is actually very visible and audible. ;). We trade equipment and Keep going, until in the end it is just Mini who is whipping the slave. This should be a lesson not to piss of two beautiful Princesses like us, with a whip in our hands.


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Whipping Lothar

2016-12-16 − Princess Nikki − 7:17 minutes
Whipping Lothar 1
Whipping Lothar 2

this clip was shoot a day before the shooting should satrt, but Nikki was just in the mood to really destroy slave Lothar...

Tags: femdom
Berlin 2014 - Just whipping for my pleasure 1
Berlin 2014 - Just whipping for my pleasure 2

In this short clip I just whip santa claus very hard for my pleasure

Tags: whipping
Budapest 2013 - Whipping and pantyhose facesitting 1
Budapest 2013 - Whipping and pantyhose facesitting 2

First I whip my slaves a little, I think you boys need it from time to time! Am I right? If they take the beating like a man it's time for something more erotic: me sitting in my sexy pantyhose on your slaves face! Yummy!

Berlin 2012 - Hardest whipping for a pervert 1
Berlin 2012 - Hardest whipping for a pervert 2

My slave has to wear adult dipers, because he is an old guy and I don't know if he can hold his ... when I will do what I wanna do. I whip this idiot so mercyless like I never did before.

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Whipping ugly losers

2015-10-12 − Princess Nikki − 11:30 minutes
Whipping ugly losers 1
Whipping ugly losers 2
Whipping ugly losers 3
Whipping ugly losers 4

Look at this idiots with own panties on the faces, arent't they only worth to be punished? I whip them really hard!

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Hard whipping three slaves

2015-10-03 − Princess Nikki − 13:52 minutes
Hard whipping three slaves 1
Hard whipping three slaves 2
Hard whipping three slaves 3
Hard whipping three slaves 4

I give my slave boys a lesson in hard whipping. Watch me walking proud from one looser to the other and whipping them without mercy. You guys are born to be hurt by beautiful girls like me, and I love to feel the power I have over you, I love to treat you like piece of sh..t!

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Whipping swiss bitchs cock

2015-07-20 − Princess Nikki − 9:02 minutes
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 1
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 2
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 3
Whipping swiss bitchs cock 4

I decided to whip my house slave a litlle, especially his cock....o.k. he is a good ass licker but if I whip him he starts to crying at once, I dislike it ...

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