Foot job paradise

2017-08-16 − 9:52 minutes
Foot job paradise  1
Foot job paradise  2
Foot job paradise  3
Foot job paradise  4

My slave have been doing great lately, and I think he is allowed to cum today. But it is not going to be just cum! I have him on his knees, and I start touching his dick with my feet. He is so easily aroused by this. But at the same time I touch his balls, and make it very clear that this foot, can easily destroy his balls!

I start giving him a foot job, and he is truly enjoying my sexy feet on his pathetic dick. I keep going, and I even have him join in with his hand while I use my feet on him. So when I give him a countdown he is sure coming hard! The sperm is on my foot, and I think he should be grateful for my kindness! So he has to lick his own cum from my foot!

But he got pleasure from me, so I want some fun as well, so I give him a couple of kick in his balls as a reminder who is the boss!

Foot job and trampling vacation

2017-03-27 − 10:18 minutes
Foot job and trampling vacation 1
Foot job and trampling vacation 2

My pathetic slave bought me a vacation, so I thought I’d be a little nice to him. I know he is so easily aroused by my sexy feet, so I tell him to get on his back. I start wanking his little pecker with my feet, and the reaction is as expected. He get’s a boner right away. So I have a little fun with him, and start a countdown from 10 to zero, and he fails to cum. So he is not allowed to cum for another 14 days!

I will punish him some more, so I have him lay down again, and I start trampling him from the feet to the chest, with no concern of his pain. I want to have my fun as well! I have him undress for me, and I start slapping him with my feet, before I once again decide to tease his dick with a foot job. I start a countdown, but I stop before zero, and this is a no cum order! He does not so he did well for once.

I think he have had enough pleasure for a day, and I start teasing him a little more before I just fart in in face!

Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 1
Berlin 2014 - Just some foot worship at a lazy day 2

I am so lazy today, not in the mood to any action like whipping or kicking my slave. just lay down and let one of them worshipping my feet! I help him a little by spitting in his face!

Duesseldorf 2012 - Foot slave lessons

2015-10-19 − Princess Nikki − 14:00 minutes
Duesseldorf 2012 - Foot slave lessons 1
Duesseldorf 2012 - Foot slave lessons 2

My new slaves don't know yet where he belongs! To My Feet Slave! He need to use his slave tongue to clean all the street sh..t from my shoe soles, I wanted them clean idiot! Also my feet need some cleaning in your mouth, at least I use him as a dormant!