The ultimate burping and spitting humiliation

2017-10-04 − 12:31 minutes
The ultimate burping and spitting humiliation 1
The ultimate burping and spitting humiliation 2

I have a visit from Afina Kisser, and I have a plan for her to join me to humiliate my slave. We call the slave over, and Afina is telling him to be on his knees, and humble. Then his “paradise” start. We take turns in burping in his pathetic face, we verbally humiliate him. Afina start spitting in his mouth, and she makes sure it is open.

Then we both keep serving him series of burps and spit, Afina even make him bend his head backwards for a real big spit. Then she blows snot in his face, it was such a thrill to humiliate him like this!

Burping and spitting

2017-06-24 − Neomi, Princess Nikki − 15:02 minutes
Burping and spitting 1
Burping and spitting 2

I am so enjoying the company of my best friend Nomi Melone. We are sharing a Coke, and I feel the urge to burp. So I call my slave over to really humiliate him in front of my friend. I have him kneel for us, as I start serving him my burps one after one.

Nomi wants to humiliate him to, but she struggles a bit with the burps, so she start spitting in his pathetic face. So why not? I also spit and burp in his face. We have him start jerking, and the loser get a boner from our burps and spit! What a loser!

Spitting in the toilet

2015-07-14 − Princess Nikki − 7:52 minutes
Spitting in the toilet 1
Spitting in the toilet 2
Spitting in the toilet 3
Spitting in the toilet 4

I am sitting at the toilet chewing a gum and spitting at swiss bitch. Oh god he loves it, and I am sure you would love it too. Am I right looser?

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