Burping and spitting

2017-06-24 − Neomi, Princess Nikki − 15:02 minutes
Burping and spitting 1
Burping and spitting 2

I am so enjoying the company of my best friend Nomi Melone. We are sharing a Coke, and I feel the urge to burp. So I call my slave over to really humiliate him in front of my friend. I have him kneel for us, as I start serving him my burps one after one.

Nomi wants to humiliate him to, but she struggles a bit with the burps, so she start spitting in his pathetic face. So why not? I also spit and burp in his face. We have him start jerking, and the loser get a boner from our burps and spit! What a loser!

Spitting in the toilet

2015-07-14 − Princess Nikki − 7:52 minutes
Spitting in the toilet 1
Spitting in the toilet 2
Spitting in the toilet 3
Spitting in the toilet 4

I am sitting at the toilet chewing a gum and spitting at swiss bitch. Oh god he loves it, and I am sure you would love it too. Am I right looser?

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