Femdom Party 17

2016-03-22 − Princess Nikki − 12:00 minutes
Femdom Party 17 1
Femdom Party 17 2

This is the last clip in this edition of my femdom parties and today 2 newbies visits me. One of the girls is a little shy but the other one acts like she would have find her sexual destination :)))

Puppet 04

2016-03-17 − Princess Nikki, Lady Natascha − 6:20 minutes
Puppet 04 1
Puppet 04 2

Princess Nikki and Lady Natascha use a human puppet. We tease him while torturing his cock and balls.

Puppet 03

2016-03-09 − Princess Nikki, Lady Natascha − 8:45 minutes
Puppet 03 1
Puppet 03 2

Princess Nikki and Lady Natascha use a human puppet. We continue spitting in puppets mouth and we torture his nippels.

Femdom Party 16

2016-03-01 − Princess Nikki − 11:09 minutes
Femdom Party 16 1
Femdom Party 16 2

The boyfriends of the Princesses comes and a wild orgy starts. The girls are fucking and humiliating the slave at the same time. He loves when they spit in his face after blowing a dick :) and sure he loves to lick sperm from pussys and asses. Its so disgusting but this slave seams to love it :)))

Anna-Maria piss 02

2016-02-24 − Princess Nikki, Anna-Maria − 6:50 minutes
Anna-Maria piss 02 1
Anna-Maria piss 02 2

Now its time to pee also for Anna-Maria. She pisses in slaves mouth via funel so he can get every drop. After her Nikki also needs to piss in slaves mouth once again.

Amirah Andrah Piss 02

2016-02-16 − Amirah Andara, Princess Nikki − 8:06 minutes
Amirah Andrah Piss 02 1
Amirah Andrah Piss 02 2

This shooting was so long so Amirah and Nikki need to piss again...well the human toilet was still there...

Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 31 (cam 1) 1
Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 31 (cam 1) 2

Princess Lilliane Parker clip includes: spitting, face slaping, human asthray, shoe worship, ass worship. Lilliane Parker looks very hot in this clip and use all elements of female domination to trash the slave.

Femdom Party 15

2016-02-02 − Princess Nikki − 8:33 minutes
Femdom Party 15 1
Femdom Party 15 2

So many beautiful girls and so much piss, thats our piss parties!

Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 30 (cam 1) 1
Piss Pool Party 2014 - Pool Party 30 (cam 1) 2

The slave needs to lick a candy from the asses of the princesses and gets a lot of piss!

Amirah Andrah Piss 01

2016-01-19 − Amirah Andara, Princess Nikki − 8:25 minutes
Amirah Andrah Piss 01 1
Amirah Andrah Piss 01 2

It's nice to have a human toilet all the time while shooting by the side. Amirah needs to pee, she just use the loser as a toilet while talk with Nikki.