My ass licker 01

2015-05-15 Princess Nikki 13:05 minutes Femdom
My ass licker 01 1
My ass licker 01 2
My ass licker 01 3
My ass licker 01 4

First I tease you with my amazing ass covered in a hot jeans. Then swiss bitch licks all the sh.. out of my asshole. He puts his tongue very deep inside my asshole.

Dominant beauties 06

2015-05-12 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 5:04 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 06 1
Dominant beauties 06 2
Dominant beauties 06 3
Dominant beauties 06 4

We spit at you liters of spit while you are sitting in your car!

Tags: spitting

Dominant beauties 05

2015-05-07 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 7:31 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 05 1
Dominant beauties 05 2
Dominant beauties 05 3
Dominant beauties 05 4

We present our beautiful feet to you and you lick them clean!

Tags: posing

Dominant beauties 04

2015-05-04 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 8:35 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 04 1
Dominant beauties 04 2
Dominant beauties 04 3
Dominant beauties 04 4

We present our beautiful asses to you and you have to stick your tongue deep inside!

Tags: posing

Dominant beauties 03

2015-05-01 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 4:30 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 03 1
Dominant beauties 03 2
Dominant beauties 03 3
Dominant beauties 03 4

We are laying by the pool just lough about your small penis!

Tags: posing

Dominant beauties 02

2015-04-28 Princess Nikki 8:44 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 02 1
Dominant beauties 02 2
Dominant beauties 02 3
Dominant beauties 02 4

I chew some fruits, take some joghurt in my mouth and then I spit it on a plate just for you! I also make this dinner little bit more spicy with my golden shower!

Dominant beauties 01

2015-04-25 Princess Nikki 6:13 minutes Femdom
Dominant beauties 01 1
Dominant beauties 01 2
Dominant beauties 01 3
Dominant beauties 01 4

We let the our golden showers flow in the bowl. Now we present all the fluid in the bowl to you, and ask you if you would like to have some good time with it!

Tags: peeing

Andalusian slave dreams 06

2015-04-22 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 13:18 minutes Femdom
Andalusian slave dreams 06 1
Andalusian slave dreams 06 2
Andalusian slave dreams 06 3
Andalusian slave dreams 06 4

We sent the slave on the street to earn some money. He looks ugly in the sexy clothes, so nobody wants to pay him for sex! Back home he has to serve us as a spitton and a target for face slaps!

Andalusian slave dreams 05

2015-04-19 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 14:57 minutes Femdom
Andalusian slave dreams 05 1
Andalusian slave dreams 05 2
Andalusian slave dreams 05 3
Andalusian slave dreams 05 4

Slave Tom has to clean the pool, we have fun by whipping him for better work! He has to swim with some toys in his mouth, sometimes we let him lick on the assholes!

Andalusian slave dreams 04

2015-04-16 Princess Nikki and Mia Phoenix 19:20 minutes Femdom
Andalusian slave dreams 04 1
Andalusian slave dreams 04 2
Andalusian slave dreams 04 3
Andalusian slave dreams 04 4

We are little bored laying on the pool, so we decide to have some fun with the slave. He has to lick our asses and feet. Then we humiliate him by slapping his face!