Tina Kay foot worship

15.11.2017 11:26 Minuten Foot Fetish
Tina Kay foot worship 1
Tina Kay foot worship 2

British porn star Tina Kay is visiting me to help me humilating my arab slave.

At first we let him worship the soles of our shoes and our feet.

tina kay pisss on my slave

09.11.2017 6:16 Minuten Peeing
tina kay pisss on my slave 1
tina kay pisss on my slave 2

tina kay have to pee nefore the shooting so my slave have to lay down and swollow :)

afina kisser and me ass licking

02.11.2017 12:28 Minuten
afina kisser and me ass licking 1
afina kisser and me ass licking 2

now its time to lick our asses

farting girls

26.10.2017 11:55 Minuten Fetish
farting girls 1
farting girls 2

after eating a lot of krout me and afina have fun farting in slaves face.

nikki short pee

18.10.2017 3:22 Minuten
nikki short pee 1
nikki short pee 2

now its nikkis turn to piss in slaves mouth.

Affina Kiss Piss

11.10.2017 8:03 Minuten Peeing
Affina Kiss Piss 1
Affina Kiss Piss 2

after giving an interview Affina piss in slaves mputh

The ultimate burping and spitting humiliation 1
The ultimate burping and spitting humiliation 2

I have a visit from Afina Kisser, and I have a plan for her to join me to humiliate my slave. We call the slave over, and Afina is telling him to be on his knees, and humble. Then his “paradise” start. We take turns in burping in his pathetic face, we verbally humiliate him. Afina start spitting in his mouth, and she makes sure it is open.

Then we both keep serving him series of burps and spit, Afina even make him bend his head backwards for a real big spit. Then she blows snot in his face, it was such a thrill to humiliate him like this!

piss from me and coco

27.09.2017 Coco de Mal 9:24 Minuten Peeing
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Our new arab slave have to swollow a lot of piss from me and crazy coco


18.09.2017 8:56 Minuten
peeing-cum-countdown 1
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If you want to jerk and cumshot, this is the right clip for you. If you love close-ups while pissing, then you have found the right clip Nikki makes the worship very real. First she shows her horny ass and her little rosette. For she says that she wants to feel the tongue in her hole and let the viewer look at her pussy by moving her ass close to the camera. The same happens with her pussy, first she show you here pussy before you are ordered to lick her delicious pussy. But the hottest is yet to come: the viewer should come in 10 seconds .. Nikki pissing in 10 shocks to the floor, all clearly seen, especially her open pussy. And in time, the viewer jerk off and cumshot! A great clip with a super-horny Nikky and lots of piss and dirty talk!

Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam

07.09.2017 7:16 Minuten Peeing
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 1
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 2
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 3
Watch me as I pee in my shoes second cam 4

So you love watching me in my new shoes? I am looking very sexy don’t I? Well watch me as I walk towards you and you can see my pretty feet move closer to you. I know this makes you want me! Watch as I flip my feet out of the shoes. They are for sure warm and moist in these leather shoes.

Now you better open your eyes! I am going to pee in my shoes while my feet is still inside of them. I bet you could be the shoe right now loser? Being covered in both my delightful feet and my pee. I put my foot inside and the pee squirts out of it.. It looks hot right? So watch as I walk again, and pee even more in my other shoe. I feel so relieved when I pee just freely like this! I bet you are getting a boner by watching me do this!